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End of abortion in Tennessee prompts new questions
Will GOP maintain rigid stance or address centrist concerns? How will voters react?

Even though the Supreme Court has spoken on abortion in June in the Dobbs case – holding that there’s no U.S. constitutional right to abortion and it’s up to each state to regulate access to the procedure – the battle is far from over.

Tennessee abortion ban presents concerns for physicians

What happens in Tennessee Aug. 25, and how are women affected? That’s the effective date for the Tennessee Human Life Protection Act, which the state Legislature passed in 2019 and became law after if the U.S. Supreme Court overruled the Roe case that in 1973 legalized abortion nationwide.

Duplicate Kansas? Won’t happen in Tennessee

Could enough Tennesseans rise up to demand a Kansas-like referendum to reverse the Legislature’s banning of all abortions? Highly unlikely.

Tennessee voters cannot call a referendum or place an initiative on the ballot. The Tennessee Legislature could approve a vote on an amendment to the state Constitution, but only in a general election in which a governor is elected.

‘I’d be a fool if I didn’t try to give back’
Dumitru reflects on decicion to run for judgeship

Any story about attorney Michael Dumitru becoming a judge begins with his family, he says, because he would not have won the election without it.

Dumitru begins his account two years ago at the dinner table, where he and his wife, Jessica, were connecting with their children, Noah and Lorelei, at the end of an otherwise unmemorable day.

Grant Konvalinka adds Holmes to bankruptcy, litigation group

Michael Holmes has joined the law firm of Grant, Konvalinka & Harrison as an associate.

A native of Memphis, Holmes first moved to Chattanooga to attend the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga in 2012.

After graduating with a degree in philosophy and religion in 2016, he returned to Memphis to attend the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphrey’s School of Law.

Lessons learned from both unlikely, likely sources propel Mullins’ success

United Real Estate Experts managing broker Amy Mullins has three pieces of advice for professional success:

One: Listen to your memaw.

Two: Act against your fears.

Three: Never, ever order pizza in bulk.

When Mullins, 40, recommends people listen to their memaw (or nanny, bubbe or noona), she’s actually encouraging them to be open to good advice, whatever the source.

Repairing your credit score

Most people know the importance of maintaining a high credit score, especially when weighing financial options for purchasing a home.

But what if you’ve fallen behind on payments and your credit score has suffered as a result? What can be done to help bring that score back up to where it should be?

Construction industry offers rewarding career paths

Individuals across the country are reimagining their career paths following the height of the pandemic. One industry worth exploring is residential construction.

Even as the United States is entering a period of economic easing, all projections show continued strong demand for new housing, making home building a stable and lucrative career choice.

Newsmakers: Sheriff-elect appoints Bernard chief of staff

Hamilton County Sheriff-elect Austin Garrett has selected Ron Bernard to serve as his chief of staff.

Bernard will oversee the day-to-day operations of the office’s human resources, finance, information technology, maintenance and fuse departments.

Pitch competitions take center stage in October

The Company Lab will showcase two pitch competitions during the third week of October, when Startup Week CHA typically takes place.

Presented by Double Cola, Will This Float? will focus on idea-to-early-stage businesses that are looking to accelerate their growth. The pitch competition will take place Oct. 17 at 5:30 p.m. and focus on consumer packaged goods.

Feeling blue: Lady Vols further honor Summitt’s legacy

Kiki Milloy and her Tennessee softball teammates had been pleading to add a Lady Vols blue jersey to their uniform rotation since the senior first arrived on campus.

They finally got their wish granted last week when the university announced four women’s teams will debut Summitt Blue uniforms during the 2022-23 academic year in honor of late legendary basketball coach Pat Summitt.

‘Full go’ as Weaver works past injury-shortened rookie year

By Terry McCormick

When you glance at the Tennessee Titans roster and look at the years of experience beside Rashad Weaver’s name, it shows a “2,” indicating the outside linebacker is in his second year in the NFL.

It’s factually accurate, but Weaver actually lost his rookie year almost before it began. A broken right fibula in his second professional game ended the fourth-round draft pick’s season abruptly, sending him into an arduous rehab process to be ready for this year.

Financial Focus: Should you own bonds when interest rates rise?

As you know, the stock market has attracted a lot of attention – and for good reason, as we’ve seen considerable volatility almost from the beginning of the year. But if you own bonds, or bond-based mutual funds, you might also have some concerns. However, it’s important to understand why bonds should continue to be an important part of your portfolio.

Personal Finance: Just starting out? Learn from our financial mistakes

Those of us who write and talk about money for a living tend to have our financial acts together. But that wasn’t always the case. I invited some personal finance experts to share what they wish they could have told their younger selves about money.

Interviewing for another job? Keep it to yourself

Benjamin Franklin said, “Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” It’s hard to overstate the importance of keeping your job search private from your work colleagues.

Getting an interview can be exciting, especially if it goes well. If you’re dying to leave your company, the hope of a new job can leave you feeling both relieved and energized. And, the more interviews you have with one company, the better the chances are that you’ll get the job. Right?

Behind the Wheel: How to avoid crazy dealer markups

Throughout 2022, new-car shoppers have been paying an average of about $700 more than manufacturer’s suggested retail price, Edmunds data shows. Those in the market for a new vehicle today may experience sticker shock after seeing a dealership has priced the vehicle they want well at more than MSRP.