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News - Friday, August 14, 2015

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Slow and steady wins the race

Attorney Philip Byrum has done something no other human being has: defeat City of Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke in an election.

The year was 1996, and in the words of Byrum, the election was “very important.” Unlike the other votes in which Mayor Berke has competed, a seat in the state senate or the mayor’s office wasn’t at stake. Rather, a date with a young woman was on the line.

Mayor Berke addresses Women’s Council of Realtors

Mayor Andy Berke gave the Women’s Council of Realtors several talking points for clients considering a move to Chattanooga during his speech at the group’s most recent luncheon, held Aug. 5 at the Choo Choo Hotel.

“It’s always an honor to speak with Realtors because no one talks with a wider variety of people,” Berke said as he stepped up to the podium. “Whether you’re selling someone’s house or giving someone a tour of the city, you hear the concerns people have. They want to know what our economy is like, what our schools are like, and what the quality of life here is like. People turn to Realtors to find out what this community is like.

Raising The Bar
We’re all in this together

Lynda Minks Hood, Executive Director

Chattanooga Bar Association


Legal Aid’s David Yoder to receive Access to Justice Award

The Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services (TALS) will present David R. Yoder, executive director of Legal Aid of East Tennessee, with the Janice M. Holder Award at the 2015 Access to Justice Awards on Wednesday, Sept. 2.

The Holder Award honors an individual who has advanced the quality of justice statewide by ensuring that the legal system is open and available to all. Yoder is being recognized for his many contributions to increasing access to justice in Tennessee, especially in the areas of domestic violence advocacy and medical-legal partnerships.

Financial Focus
No secrets to investment success

Many people look for the “secrets” to investment success. Is it timing the market just right? Is it finding those hot stocks or getting in on the “ground floor” of the next big thing? Actually, these types of moves have little relevance to the vast majority of investors — even the most successful ones. So let’s take a look at some steps you can take that can be effective in helping you work toward your financial goals.

Woodhouse Day Spa opens in Warehouse Row

The Woodhouse Day Spa has opened at Warehouse Row. The spa features more than 70 services for the body and mind, including seaweed treatments and massage. The Woodhouse Day Spa is located in the North Building of Warehouse Row, directly above Anthropologie. To learn more about the spa, or to book an appointment, call (423) 443-4478, or visit www.chattanooga.woodhousespas.com.

Are We There Yet?

I mentioned in last week’s column when talking about the good and the bad that there was a lady on Facebook, who I don’t know, who commented on a comment referring to one Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods, something about him being an embarrassment to the game.

Kay’s Cooking Corner
Watermelon – Good for your body and soul!

Cornbread is sweet,

Pork chops are good,

Black-eyed peas are mighty, mighty fine,

But give me, oh, give me,

I really wish you would,

That watermelon hangin’ on the vine.

From “The Watermelon Song” by Tennessee Ernie Ford

Form-based code draft coming in October

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency has provided an update on the status of the development of a form-based code for Chattanooga.

Consultants at Code Studio in Austin, Texas are currently writing the Draft Code, which will include dimensional standards for buildings, allowed uses, and standards for signs and landscaping, as well as laying out the development approval process. “That’s a lot of work, so it will take a couple months,” said Karen Hundt, director of the Community Design Group.

Realtor Association President’s Message
This property is available. Maybe.

President, Greater Chattanooga Association of Realtors

A common frustration when searching for property is learning that a listing being marketed as available for sale (or lease) already is under contract. Even worse is to learn the true status of the listing after previewing and falling in love with the property. So who’s to blame? The seller? The listing agent?

The Critic's Corner
A gift for film lovers

Like Pavlov’s pups, moviegoers are conditioned to expect certain things, and when they happen, react accordingly. Suspense thrillers are a good example. At some point, the protagonist will hear a muffled thump and investigate. He or she (usually she) will slowly peer into a room, the camera will swing around to reveal there’s someone behind them, and a heart-stopping noise will make you jump. (I’m glad real life surprises don’t make sounds like movies ones do.)

I Swear
Is it too late?

Carole King famously sang, “[I]t’s too late, baby now, it’s too late,/ Though we really did try to make it.” Something in this song created a gluey intangible not-yet-named noun that affixed itself to my soul. When I hear the words “Somethin’ inside has died, and I can’t hide/ And I just can’t fake it,” I feel a shudder throughout my being.

50 and 100 years ago

50 years ago
What was going on in Chattanooga in 1965?

Saturday, Aug. 14

Death took from the roster of prominent Chattanoogans Friday the name of Mrs. Milton B. Ochs, 97, widow of Col. Milton B. Ochs, whom she married in 1892.

World famous sculptor creating tribute to Chattanooga heroes at Sculpture Fields
Sculptures have always inspired me. They made me feel as if I could employ my imagination to do great things. ~ Peter Lundberg, sculptor

World renowned sculptor Peter Lund-berg was in town this week to work on the creation of a monumental sculpture that will be dedicated to the Chattanooga heroes who recently gave their lives in the line of duty. When completed, the steel and concrete work of art will stand in Sculpture Fields at Montague Park as a permanent tribute to these courageous service members.

Minority Health Fair this Saturday

“Closing the Gap,” the 13th annual Hamilton County Minority Health Fair, will be held Saturday, Aug. 22 at Eastgate Town Center on Brainerd Road, from 9 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Over 125 free screening and health education services will be available. Call 778-LINK (5465) to pre-register.