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News - Friday, March 11, 2022

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Legislation: The gift that keeps on giving
Attorney gets bill passed helping his wife, others who use sign language

Spouses have different ways of showing each other they care. Some buy flowers. Others prepare a candlelit meal. Those with a creative streak write poetry.

Then there’s Joshua Anderson, who found what might be a wholly unique way to express love to his wife: He cowrote a bill.

The retirement of the Hon. David Hensley

I’ve known Judge David Hensley for over 17 years. When we met, David was in private practice and I was working as a staff attorney for the Division of Workers’ Compensation (now called the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation). A lot has changed since then, but many constants remain.

Governor to consider Greenholtz for appeals court of vacancies

Gov. Bill Lee will consider Hamilton County Criminal Court Judge Tom Greenholtz and three other names for the two imminent vacancies on the Court of Criminal Appeals Eastern Section.

The Governor’s Council for Judicial Appointments considered Greenholtz and six other applicants when it met earlier this month to select nominees for the vacancies.

Helping heroes have their own home
Program started after 9/11 arrives in Chattanooga

In the aftermath of 9/11, Minneapolis Realtor Ruth Johnson co-founded Homes for Heroes as a way of thanking the countless people who provided aid following the attacks, including the firefighters, police officers and EMS workers who died in the line of duty at the twin towers.

Realtors work to shape change at local level

The political climate of our country, as well as the world, is taking center stage these days. Through TV, phones and social media, people are becoming more and more aware of the issues that affect their day-to-day lives without being provided the kind of news and information that would enable them to make an informed decision.

What goes up must come down: Steps toward ladder safety

This March marks the sixth annual Ladder Safety Month, presented by the American Ladder Institute. With the spring building and home improvement season kicking off, homebuilders and homeowners alike should refresh their training on ladder safety.

There are over 137 ladder injuries every day in the U.S. In fact, ladder accidents account for 10 times more emergency room than house fires.

Mean streets: Pothole patchers stare down thousands of damage sites from a wet, cold winter

Potholes are the great leveler. They waylay Toyotas and Teslas alike, without thought to age, income or educational attainment. In a divided world, they are a uniter for focused hatred. And around Nashville and elsewhere in Tennessee they are spreading like misinformation on social media.

Newsmakers: Fosbinder joins Austin Hatcher Foundation

Daniel Fosbinder has joined the Austin Hatcher Foundation as facilities and industrial arts manager. Fosbinder will perform facility maintenance and oversee the foundation’s Industrial Arts Therapy Division. The division consists of woodworking, small engine repair and vehicle builds.

Construction begins on trail connecting White Oak Park to Stringer’s Ridge

Construction on the final phase of a trail that will connect White Oak Park to Stringer’s Ridge is underway. This phase of the White Oak Connector will improve a multiuse gravel path linking the two public parks.

“This effort has seen inspiring support from neighbors, local businesses, foundations and our construction partners,” says TPL Tennessee State Director Noel Durant. “We’re grateful to the City of Red Bank for making this trail possible.”

Financial Focus: Use your financial strategy like GPS

It’s pretty hard to get lost while driving these days because your smartphone’s Global Positioning System can get you just about anywhere. And as an investor, you can have a similar experience by employing another directional tool – a personalized financial strategy.

Millennial Money: Are you ready to spend like a college graduate?

In just a couple of months, a new cohort of college graduates will leave behind their careers as students and start new ones as entry-level workers. And for many – regardless of age – that change brings a whole new financial landscape to navigate.

Rogers column: Freedom’s great until it doesn’t suit your agenda

Republican lawmakers in Tennessee don’t think very highly of Democratic voters, for the same reason bank robbers don’t think very highly of cops. They interfere with business.

But I’m beginning to believe those same lawmakers don’t have much faith in Republican voters, either. Case in point: The coming election for the 5th Congressional District, recently redrawn by legislators to turn it from blue to red.

Behind the Wheel: Order your next car direct from the factory

It has been difficult to find a new car in today’s market, which is plagued by chip shortages and supply chain issues. Many dealership lots are looking bare, and the few cars they carry might not have the options you need or are more expensive than you planned on spending.

Monday night lights: Vols’ Chandler set on winning it all

Kennedy Chandler isn’t putting much thought into his professional future. The Tennessee freshman guard has more immediate concerns.

Chandler wants to help the Vols make a lengthy run in the postseason. If it’s his only year in college, he wants to make it last as long as possible.