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Front Page - Friday, November 9, 2018

Court orders sale of Eaves Formal Wear

Eaves Formal Wear is up for sale following a tragic event in April that led to its shuttering.

Eaves closed its doors following the shooting death of 47-year-old Charles Forte by his father, 66-year-old Billy Forte, the owner of the business. Billy Forte has admitted to shooting his son.

Compass Auctions and Real Estate is brokering the sale. Eaves is being offered for nearly 25 percent of its actual value.

“Interested parties can step into an established, fully operational business with $300,000 in inventory and assets for nickels on the dollar,” reads the Compass press release announcing the sale.

“This is an opportunity to take ownership of a successful formal wear business and, due to the low sales price, instantly gain equity,” says Paige Holt, Compass president and CEO.

Additional assets include a client database, business equipment, delivery vehicles and office furniture. “Eaves Formal Wear is ready for business. Just take the keys and go,”  Holt says.

Contact Compass, 800 729-6466, info@soldoncompass.com.

Source: Compass Auctions and Real Estate