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Front Page - Friday, August 19, 2016

100 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1916?

Saturday, Aug. 19, 1916

Mr. and Mrs. A. Culverson of LeGrand, Ga., will return to their home today after a visit with Mrs. Sarah Mansfield and Miss Lila Mansfield.

Two new teachers are replacing Dr. David R. Lee, professor of literature, and Miss Anna A. Fisher, professor of English, at the University of Chattanooga. Dr. Thomas H. Billings of Wesley College will replace Dr. Lee and Prof. H.E. Smith of Amherst succeeds Miss Fisher.

Sunday, Aug. 20

Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Goehring announce the engagement of their daughter Edith Buquo to Mr. John Ross Scott. The wedding will take place in September.

Misses Quintene and Vivian Brown returned Saturday from Athens and Chilhowee Springs, where they have been several weeks as guests of friends and relatives.

There is a remarkable increase in the number of automobile owners in this country. One out of every 25 persons owns an automobile.

Monday, Aug. 21

Mr. and Mrs. Earle Cooke will come this week from Jacksonville, Fla., to reside. Miss Maude Bowser accompanied them.

The Chattanooga Radio Club is planning to establish a great wireless station on top of the Hamilton National Bank Building so as to enter the audiences of Berlin, Paris, Colon, and Honolulu. O.C. Rapier is president of the club, E.R. Dykes is vice president, and B.F. Painter is secretary and treasurer. The station is on the fourth floor of the building.

Tuesday, Aug. 22

The old University building on the campus of the University of Chattanooga, situated between McCallie and Oak Street, will be torn down and a new building will be erected beginning Jan. 1, 1917. Andrew Carnegie has promised $20,000 for a new library.

Miss Mildred Thomas of Atlanta is expected today to visit Miss Margaret McCallie.

Prof. A.J. Latham, head of the Department of Oral English and Speech at Columbia University, read a poem written by Mrs. L.M. Russell, English teacher at Central High School. The poem was enthusiastically received, and Mrs. Russell was called to the platform to share the applause.

Wednesday, Aug. 23

Mr. and Mrs. August Carter have returned to their home in North Chattanooga after a stay at Wrights Mineral Springs, Ga.

Misses Edna and Frances Walker are visiting in Kingston, Tenn.

Miss Edith Isabelle Patten has returned from a visit to Bishop and Mrs. Theodore Henderson at their home in Sugar Hill, N.H.

Thursday, Aug. 24

Misses Gloria Lamb, Charlotte White, Rachael, and Adelaide Cook will go to Tucker Springs to attend a house party given by Mrs. James F. Johnston.

Dr. and Mrs. J.I.B. Hinds returned to Lebanon, Tenn., after a visit with Dr. and Mrs. Willard Steele on Missionary Ridge. Mrs. Bashie Martin, who has been visiting the Steeles, returned to her home Wednesday.

Packed in excelsior and insured for its full value, the famous Cameron painting of the Whiteside family was shipped back to New York by Mrs. Helen Whiteside Heiser, the owner of the canvas.

Friday, Aug. 25

Mrs. John Twinam entertained with a luncheon at Signal Inn. Covers were laid for Mesdames Thomas Selman, W.E. Anderson, G.D. Andrews, Sam Strauss, Ed Davidson, Sam LeClerq, Charles Twinam, Frank Weaver, and J.D. Torrey.

Miss Frankie Henderson has returned from a visit to friends in Nashville. v