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Front Page - Friday, January 15, 2016

Chattanooga’s largest movie screen comes down

Three climbers last week used cutters to lower Chattanooga’s largest movie screen in a scene that resembled Douglas Fairbanks rappelling down a ship sail in “The Black Pirate.”

Removing the screen at the Tennessee Aquarium IMAX 3D Theater was the first step in a nearly month-long process to convert the theater from one that shows 70 mm film to one of the only theaters in the world to utilize the new IMAX with Laser projection system.

Raising the new screen will be one of the finishing touches to the $1.2 million dollar project that’s expected to be completed by the first of February. The other changes include installing speakers in the ceiling of the theater to create a 3D sound sphere, installation of two, 4K laser projectors, and connecting the entire system to the Internet.

In the future, IMAX technicians will be able to monitor and adjust the projectors and 12-point audio system remotely. Connectivity will also give the Aquarium the ability to stream events in real time. 




 This strip of

70 mm film from a movie shown at the Aquarium

is now a relic.