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Front Page - Friday, October 2, 2015

100 Years Ago

As reported in the Hamilton County Herald in 1915

Saturday, Oct. 2, 1915

Mrs. D.P. Montague and Miss Genevieve Montague are leaving for Honolulu to visit Col. and Mrs. Richard Kimball.

The noted motion picture drama “Birth of a Nation,” a Griffith production, is booked to appear at the Bijou Theater for five presentations.

Sunday, Oct. 3

The YWCA vesper services today at 4:30 will be in honor of Mrs. T.H. McCallie, who died this past week. Mrs. Pettis will direct the services. Miss Amelia Milligan will sing a solo. Dr. E.A. Elmore and other speakers will give testimonies of Mrs. McCallie’s beautiful Christian life.

The annual meeting of the Hamilton County Sunday School Association will have 10,000 marching today in their Rally Day parade, which starts at 9:30 a.m. with all churches participating. Later, the adults will assemble at the Auditorium with D.A. Landress presiding, and the younger group will meet at the First Baptist church with Prof. S.J. McCallie presiding. The Third Regiment Band will lead the parade.

Miss Elizabeth Curry of Pittsburgh, Pa., has arrived for a visit with Mrs. Perry Long and Mrs. Joe V. Williams.

Monday, Oct. 4

A celebration tonight, sponsored by the Young Men’s Chamber of Commerce, will stage a parade and street dance celebrating the repaving of Market Street. Major W.J. Bass and Sheriff Nick Bush will lead the parade, which will finish on Broad Street, where they will have the dance. Ed Finlay, president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Edward E. Brown, chairman of the parade, and Arthur Bell, entertainment chairman, are in charge of the celebration.

The congregation of the Christian Church was more than pleased when Dr. Ira M. Boswell announced that he had declined the call to a church in Georgetown, Ky. He has received many letters from businessmen urging him to remain in Chattanooga, and the congregation had unanimously urged him to stay.

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bryan have begun work on their new home in Highland Park.

Tuesday, Oct. 5

Mrs. Alex Guerry and Miss Edith Isabel Patten will leave for Washington, D.C., where Miss Patten will enter Miss Summer’s School.

Wednesday, Oct. 6

Mr. and Mrs. George White and Miss Marguerite White have opened their Fort Wood home after spending the summer on Lookout Mountain.

The historic Whiteside family portrait loaned to the city by Mrs. Henry Heiser of New York, the former Helen Whiteside, was placed in the office of Mayor Littleton at City Hall. The portrait by James Cameron in 1858 was paid for by Cameron Hill. The portrait is of Col. William Whiteside and his wife, their baby Charles and his nurse.

Miss Helen Johnson has returned to her home in St. Elmo after a visit with Miss Katherine Kaufman on Missionary Ridge.

Thursday, Oct. 7

President Woodrow Wilson tonight announced his engagement and approaching marriage to Mrs. Norman Galt of Washington. Secretary Tumulty made the official announcement.

A brilliant event Wednesday night was the wedding of Miss Lavalette Sloan and Dr. Harlin Tucker at the First Presbyterian Church. Dr. J.W. Bachman officiated.

The YMCA membership drive closed with a dinner meeting Wednesday night. The drive was headed by R.D. Williams, general secretary, with 601 new members added. Six watches were offered for prizes to individuals getting the most new members. Joe Persinger won first prize; Corbin Woodward, second; S.O. Bankson, third; Andrew Glenn, fourth; Walter Iler, fifth; Scott Raulston, sixth; and W.C. Wallace won the division prize.

Friday, Oct. 8

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Mitchell attended the McComas-Hall wedding in Knoxville Wednesday en route to New York for a week’s stay.

“In a Persian Garden” was given last night for the opening recital of the season by Prof. August Schmidt’s pupils. It was an artistic success. Four outstanding singers were Miss Ocie Schoff, Mrs. Hudson, Victor Golibart, and Thomas Roddy.