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Front Page - Friday, September 4, 2015

100 Years Ago

As reported in the Hamilton County Herald in 1915

Saturday, Sept. 4, 1915

Prof. C.H. Winder, Superintendent of the City Schools, made an interesting report about the “Home Gardens” which were the summer project of school children. They cultivated over 12 acres of ground and raised vegetables valued at $2,500.00.

Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Betterton and family will move to the city today from their summer home on Walden’s Ridge.

Mrs. Sims Perry Long entertained at her home “Mabbit Cabin” on Walden’s Ridge with a tea in honor of Mrs. Dubose who is the guest of Mrs. Bell.

Sunday, Sept. 5

John Chambliss and Alfred Thatcher have returned from a trip to California.

Miss Margaret Davenport is the guest of Mrs. Joe Caldwell on Lookout Mountain.

Monday, Sept. 6

Johnny Green has returned from Shelbyville, Tenn., where he made three successful aeroplane flights.

Chattanooga observes Labor Day in honor of its many toilers. A festival at Warner Park with a band concert and speech by Mayor Jesse Littleton had thousands attending the celebration. A baby contest was held with 30 contestants. Charles R. Miller, Jr., was the prettiest baby boy and Mildred C. Morgan the prettiest baby girl.

Tuesday, Sept. 7

Miss Harriet Greve has arrived to take charge of her classes at Central High School.

At the Tennessee State Golf Tournament, Ernest Martin, a popular Chattanooga, all-around athlete, won the trophy of the tournament, saving the team cup from going to Knoxvillle by a score of 80. His teammates were Warren Dewees, score 82, R.C. Richard, score of 82, and Jameson with 82.

Wednesday, Sept. 8

Members of the Pilgrim Congregational Church, Monday night, reached the decision and closed the deal for the site for a $100,000 church building at the corner of Oak and Lindsay Streets.

Miss Margaret Shalliday, Mr. and Mrs. A.E. MacDonald and daughter, Mary Elizabeth, Mrs. Kate Cotter and grandson, Mrs. O.L. Davis and daughter are among the Chattanoogans who are guests at Tucker Springs Hotel.

General Leonard Wood, in a convention, expressed to officials a training camp like Plattsburg, N.Y., may be established at Fort Oglethorpe in 1916 using as instructors officers from the Eleventh Cavalry.

Thursday, Sept. 9

The children of Chattanooga are anticipating a big day Saturday when the Gentry Bros. Circus will show here for two performances. It has been some time since a circus has been in town.

Work is to start at once on a new $500,000 plant for the University of Chattanooga, announced President F.W. Hixson. Four buildings include an administrating building, Gothic chapel, library and a liberal arts building.

Miss Margaret Davies, who took part in the Walden’s Ridge Fox Hunt, was winner of the “Brush.”

Friday, Sept. 10

Miss Frances Biese has recovered from an illness and will leave soon for Oklahoma City to take up her work in the Conservatory of Music.