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Front Page - Friday, February 6, 2015

Tennessee Defense Lawyers Association to hire executive director

The Tennessee Defense Lawyer Association (TDLA) is looking for an executive director. The part-time independent contractor will be responsible for handling the administrative aspects of the TDLA. He or she will partner with the Board

and advance the association’s goals and strategies while taking care of its daily administrative needs.

Responsibilities of the executive director include preparing and mailing annual dues invoices for the TDLA membership, recording payments received in the membership databases, sending follow-up notices, making bank deposits, and reviewing and updating the TDLA website.

The executive director will also review and update policies and procedures as needed, and bring any potential changes to the attention of the TDLA Executive Committee and the TDLA Board.

Other duties include assisting seminar Chairs, obtaining and working with sponsors for seminars and advertising, writing checks and reconciling checking and money market accounts; processing applications for membership; preparing documents for and attending Board meetings; sending e-mails to membership; keeping the Executive Committee informed; reviewing and updating the operations manual; working closely with committee Chairs and committee members; maintaining all public records; maintaining all insurance contracts; writing and forwarding articles about TDLA events for DRI’s publication, For the Defense; and traveling for DRI meetings, TDLA seminars, and TDLA Board meetings.

Experience with Quicken, or another accounting program, and Excel are preferred.

For a full job description, or to apply, contact Phil Mischke at (901) 259-7213 or email pmischke@farris-law.com.

Source: Tennessee Defense Lawyers Association