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Front Page - Friday, November 21, 2014


What was going on in Chattanooga in 1914?

Saturday, November 21, 1914

Dr. and Mrs. J.W. Johnson complimented Miss Louise Llewellyn with a dinner party last night at the Hotel Patten. Guests were Misses Llewellyn, Lila Mansfield, Charlotte Patten, Elizabeth Lupton, Katherine Lasley, Elise Chapin, Helen Shipley, and Bessie Lodor; Messrs. Sam Hutcheson, Ernest Martin, Jesse Evans, Fred Lupton, Alex Guerry, Walter Fred, Thomas Carothers, Lucius Mansfield; Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Llewellyn; Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Faxon; Mr. and Mrs. Garnett Andrews; and Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Montague.

The wedding of Miss Grace Glover and Mr. DeForest Evans will be celebrated Dec. 9 at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Glover on Fort Wood. Dr. Loaring Clark of St. Paul’s will officiate in the presence of relatives and close friends of the bridal couple.

Sunday, Nov. 22

Mrs. Sam Whitaker will entertain Tuesday with a buffet luncheon for four brides-elect: Misses Hilda Perry, Charlotte Patten, Lucile Carter, and Margaret Frierson.

A number of young men are entertaining with a weekend house party at Signal Mountain Inn for Misses Kate Osborne and Helen Dixson of Savannah, who are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. Conn Guild.

Monday, Nov. 23

Mrs. B.F. Fritts will entertain the Embroidery Circle Tuesday afternoon at her home on Vine Street.

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Meacham had a family reunion yesterday at their home in St. Elmo. The affair honored Mrs. S.C. Ellis, who has just returned from an extended stay in Nova Scotia. Present were Mrs. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fowler, Dr. and Mrs. G. Manning Ellis, Mrs. Julia Harlow, Mrs. Annie Weatherbee, Dr. and Mrs. C.C. Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ellis, Glenn Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Huntington, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Meacham.

Tuesday, Nov. 24

Miss Annie Grady will entertain with a dinner this evening for Mr. and Mrs. Henry Grady, Miss Grace Glover, and Mr. DeForest Evans.

J.T. Lupton and son, Cartter, and Z.C. Patten, Jr., went to Toxaway yesterday for a few days hunt on the Lupton preserve.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Trimby and Miss Vera Trimby will spend Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. Gilkey at their farm in Whitwell.

Dr. Hinds of Lebanon will spend Thanksgiving with his daughter, Mrs. Willard Steele on Missionary Ridge.

Wednesday, Nov. 25

Mr. and Mrs. Lou Price will entertain with a family dinner Thanksgiving day.

Mrs. James F. Johnston and Mrs. Pearson Mayfield of Cleveland have returned from New York. Mr. and Mrs. Johnston and Summerfield Johnston will spend Thanksgiving at Tucker Springs.

Miss Lorena Tatum is home from Shorter College because of illness. Mr. and Mrs. Byron E. Tatum and family have moved into their new home on Missionary Ridge.

Thursday, Nov. 26

Mr. and Mrs. Sim Perry Long moved from Walden’s Ridge yesterday, and are at home with Mrs. Robert Scholze.

Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Thompson, Jr., will spend Thanksgiving with Mr. and Mrs. S.R. Golibart and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Golibart at Whiteside, Tenn.

Mrs. Lee K. Wert entertained a few friends of Miss Lucille Heggie at bridge yesterday afternoon. The guests were Misses Katherline Betts, Mary Bell Thomas, Ruth Dooley of Knoxville, Margaret Davies, Lucile Deppen, Helen Wright, Winnifred Flemister, and Mrs. R.T. Wright, Jr.

Friday, Nov. 27

At Altamede Farm Thursday, Judge and Mrs. Lewis Shepherd and family entertained a large party at turkey dinner. Their guests were Judge and Mrs. Nathan Bachman, Judge and Mrs. S.D. McReynolds, Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Cooke, Mr. and Mrs. T. Pope Shepherd, and D.R. Hardin, county farm agent.

Miss Lucille Carter of this city and Mr. James A. Glascock of Cincinnati were married last evening at the home of the bride on Bluff View. The spacious lower suite of the Carter home was a veritable bower of flowers for the brilliant affair, one of the most notable weddings in the city this fall.

Miss Virginia Yerger of Memphis will arrive this morning to visit Miss Jenny Loop and be an attendant in the Lewis-Loop wedding. Ensign Spencer Lewis and William C. Bowers, Jr., of New York, will arrive tomorrow. Mr. Bowers will be the best man at the upcoming wedding.

Mrs. F.H. Caldwell is home from a visit in Rogersville.