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Front Page - Friday, November 21, 2014

Construction workers injured in building collapse

The collapsed structures can be seen in the middle. The structure on the right is unstable. - (Photo by Bruce Garner)

Several workers at the Cameron Harbor construction site on Molly Lane were injured when two of the residential structures collapsed. At 10:13 a.m., Chattanooga firefighters were dispatched to the scene and told workers might be trapped in the debris.

Once on the scene, Battalion Chief Lesley Morgan determined that none of the workers were trapped in the debris and no rescue operation would be necessary. Several workers had minor bruises and abrasions, but one worker had more serious injuries, and was transported by Hamilton County EMS to a local hospital, where his condition was assessed.

In addition to the two structures that collapsed, a third structure appeared to be unstable, leaning to one side. Representatives with the city’s building inspection office were called in to examine the third building and help to determine a course of action to render the scene safe. The decision was made to demolish the third structure with a track-hoe.

Source: Chattanooga Fire Department