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Front Page - Friday, May 10, 2024

Some tips for selecting a professional remodeler

When planning a home remodel, the decision to hire a professional remodeler is not just about achieving satisfactory results, it’s also about ensuring peace of mind and safeguarding your investment.

Professional remodelers bring a wealth of expertise, craftsmanship and industry knowledge to the table. Beyond mere execution, they possess a keen eye for design, a knack for problem-solving, and the ability to navigate complex logistical challenges inherent in remodeling projects.

“By entrusting your renovation endeavors to a seasoned professional, you’re not just gaining access to superior skills, you’re also tapping into a network of trusted suppliers, subcontractors and industry contacts, which can streamline the entire process and minimize potential headaches,” says Raquel Schrumpf, Homebuilders Association of Greater Chattanooga’s membership and marketing coordinator.

For National Home Remodeling Month, here are key considerations to evaluate when engaging a professional remodeler:

Licensing and insurance

Ensure the remodeler is adequately insured and possesses all required licenses for your local area. While not mandated in all states, insurance and licensing helps demonstrate the firm’s reliability and compliance with industry standards. Tennessee requires a license for any remodeling project valued at over $3,000 in most counties, while Georgia requires a license for any residential or general contractor service, with the exception of some specialty trades.


Look for remodelers with additional qualifications such as Certified Graduate Remodeler, Graduate Master Remodeler, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, or Certified Green Professional. These designations underscore a commitment to ongoing education and expertise in various facets of remodeling.

Association membership

Membership in reputable trade associations like the National Association of Home Builders signifies a commitment to upholding industry best practices and staying abreast of emerging trends.

Excellent references

Check the business out online and on social media for reviews. Ask the remodeler for testimonials from previous clients and request to view portfolios showcasing completed projects. Positive references and visual evidence of past work are indicative of a remodeler’s proficiency and customer satisfaction.

Business skills

A reputable remodeler should exhibit sound business practices, including providing detailed contracts, guarantees and warranties. Transparency regarding payment schedules and refraining from requesting substantial upfront payments are hallmarks of ethical conduct.

Additionally, a favorable track record with organizations like the Better Business Bureau and a robust credit history are indicators of a remodeler’s financial stability and reliability.

Verifying smart business practices and remodeling expertise will better ensure that your home remodel will be completed successfully.

For further insights on planning a home remodel, visit the NAHB’s Consumer Resource Section (nahb.org/Other/Consumer-Resources) or explore the HBAGC’s Member Directory at members.hbagc.net for a curated list of local professionals to kickstart your remodeling journey.