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Front Page - Friday, September 15, 2023

Take a walk on the wildflower side at Reflection Riding

The native wildflowers in the lower meadows at Reflection Riding are in peak bloom and buzzing with pollinators.

Playing the lead role in this sensory experience of sight, smell and touch is the Bearded Beggartick. The landscape is virtually blanketed in golden yellow.

The species is actually not a flower but an herb within the sunflower family that can grow as high as six-feet tall.

Blooming alongside the Bearded Beggartick is the Giant Ironweed. Growing up to seven feet tall, this purple perennial herb provides a food source for many species of butterflies and moths.

Ecosystem management of this grassland area has allowed for an abundance of native wildflowers, including Late Boneset, Blue Mist Flower, Frostweed, Fireweed, Elephant’s Foot, Passionflower, Cardinal Flower and Pink Turtlehead.

September is the only time one can experience this annual showing of colors. Members and visitors are invited to enjoy the flowers and see ecosystem management in action by touring the meadows during daylight hours.

For a more educational outing, members and visitors can attend a guided hike on Saturdays at 9 a.m. and 2 p.m., through the end of September.

Reflection Riding is located at 400 Garden Road in Chattanooga. Call 423 821-1160 for more information about the guided hikes.