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Front Page - Friday, November 18, 2022

Preparing for influx of guests this holiday season

With Thanksgiving less than a week away and Christmas just around the corner, many will be opening up their homes to family and friends alike.

Preparing for overnight guests can be a daunting task, especially if it has been a while since you’ve hosted. Here are a few ideas to make things go a little smoother this holiday season.

Be a guest yourself

One of the best ways to prepare your home for company is by looking at things from a guest’s point of view.

Start outside and pretend you’re the guest. Do you have enough outdoor lighting if family will be arriving late? Consider adding walkway lights if you don’t already have them. Clear space in your coat closet for additional jackets and shoes.

Spend a night sleeping on the guest bed and use the guest bathroom. This will help you notice little things that can make a big difference such as the need for new pillows or moving the towels to an easier-to-find location.

If space allows, empty a dresser drawer for guest clothing or add a luggage rack to the bedroom for suitcases. Think of things you often need when staying at someone else’s house like the Wi-Fi password, charging cords or forgotten toiletries and place these items in a central location for guests to use as needed.

Make a grocery run

It goes without saying that you’ll want to stock up on groceries for holiday meals, but don’t forget plenty of snacks. Check with your visitors before their arrival to find out preferences, allergies or dietary restrictions.

Consider making a coffee and breakfast bar in your home to allow guests to enjoy breakfast at their leisure (and save you from the need to wake up first). And be sure to grab ingredients for an extra meal or two, such as pasta or chili, to use in a pinch.

Slumber party time

If you have more guests than beds, create a slumber party area for children in one or two rooms with blankets, mats and sleeping bags. Air mattresses are no longer akin to pool floats and can provide a comfortable night’s sleep if you need additional beds.

You might also want to consider replacing your old sofa sleeper mattress with a new memory foam one, or even adding memory foam toppers to guest beds as well.

Cleaning for company

Hosting guests is a large responsibility in itself. Relieve some of the stress by hiring a cleaning company to do the dirty work. You’ll be amazed at how great a clean house feels, especially one you didn’t have to clean yourself!

Check out the HBAGC Member Directory for a list of cleaning services you can trust.

If you do don your cleaning gloves, be sure to enlist the entire family and delegate chores. End with a walk-through of each room and look for areas that might not get cleaned or organized regularly such as under the sink, refrigerator bins or dusty light fixtures.

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