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Front Page - Friday, October 28, 2022

Easy, inexpensive decor ideas to help usher in autumn

As the beautiful colors of fall foliage begin to paint the Tennessee valley, perhaps you’re also looking for ways to spruce up your home for autumn.

Thankfully, decorating your home for the cooler fall months doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here are some ideas to get started.

Seasonal harvest

Take advantage of gourds, cornstalks and pumpkins to add fall decor to your home. Stack them on tables, group them together for centerpieces, or carve out a pumpkin and fill it with flowers for a unique arrangement.

Apples are in season and can add color to table decorations, mantles and more by grouping them in a basket. By shopping at a local produce stand or business for the fall, you not only help support our community but can also save money.

Repurpose what you have

Before you spend money on new fall decorations, consider shopping for what you have at home. A little DIY can make for beautiful, unique decorations.

Repurpose an old rake into a wreath with some evergreen leaves and twine you probably already have in your home. Group Mason jars filled with fall foliage as a centerpiece. Fill an old tea kettle with fresh autumn flowers.

Check out Pinterest for ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Cozy up

Pull out your vintage quilts and blankets to change up your bedroom decor and add warmth for upcoming cooler nights. Throw a few orange, red or yellow pillows on the beds and couch to make an extra autumn splash.

Take a walk

There are endless possibilities in your backyard and neighborhood for autumn decorating.

Gather twigs and fresh leaves and group them in vases for a cheap centerpiece.

Leaves from your yard pressed into frames and grouped together make an inexpensive wall gallery.

Gather acorns, paint them with the children for a fun activity and then pour them into clear containers to display. This also gives you a chance to enjoy all the gorgeous changing leaves outdoors!

If you decide to get professional help with fall decorating or remodeling, visit the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga’s member directory at www.HBAGC.net to find a list of qualified, local professionals.