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Front Page - Friday, October 7, 2022

Home builders: Simple actions now make for comfortable autumn

There’s more to preparing your home for cooler autumn weather than lighting a pumpkin spice candle and hanging your favorite SEC team flag outside. Here’s a list to help you ready your home for fall.

Check for drafts

Heat loss through windows is responsible for 25-30% of heating energy use, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. A simple and cost-effective fix is adding weather stripping.

To see if you need to update your weather stripping, slide a sheet of paper under a window or door. If it moves easily, it’s time to replace it.

Also check for damaged caulk around windows, doors and entry points for electric and gas lines.

Clean or replace your gutters

Thousands of gallons of water drain from your roof yearly. Clogged gutters can result in major interior flooding and exterior damage.

Clean your gutters and, if necessary, replace them to avoid future problems. Consider adding mesh guards to keep debris out of your gutters.

Inspect your roof

Leaking roofs are not just annoying, they can cause costly damage to the interior of your home.

Scan the entire roof for missing or damaged shingles. Check flashing around chimneys and vents for damage. And while inspecting your gutters, look for accumulations of granule, a sure sign of damage.

Change your air filters

Ideally, your air filters should be changed every couple of months – or monthly if you have indoor pets. Most people don’t stick to that schedule, so now is the time to do it.

Dirty air filters make your HVAC work harder to maintain the temperature you want, increasing your heating and cooling bills.

Check your batteries

At least once a year, check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Fertilize your lawn

If you want a lush green lawn in the spring and summer, prepare now by fertilizing your yard. Fertilizing it now will help prevent winter damage.

Fix cracks in your driveway

It’s easy to put off the tedious chore of fixing cracks in your driveway, but those small fissures can become big problems.

Water gets inside cracks, freezes, expands and causes cracks to get bigger and even cause the concrete to crumble. Fill the cracks with concrete sealer.

If you need help with maintenance on your house, check out the HBAGC membership directory at www.HBAGC.net to find qualified, trusted home improvement professionals.