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Front Page - Friday, September 16, 2022

Career Corner: Job market favors workers now, but prepare for change

I love that the last few years have been a job seeker’s market. In order to recruit and retain the best employees, companies have made large adjustments that seemed impossible before.

Many people began working from home, salaries increased and pay became more transparent. Work life balance took a front seat. Employers had everything to gain by becoming more receptive to employee needs. Employers struggled to find employees. The tables turned, and it felt great.

But, don’t fool yourself. This is not a permanent state. Like everything in life, change is a constant.

If you have a retirement fund that depends on the stock market, you have probably noticed that the last few months have been up and down. You’ve probably heard that the housing market is changing. And, you have very likely seen that many companies are struggling.

To be honest, a downturn has been inevitable. It was surprising to see how well things held up in the midst of a global pandemic. The instability we’re feeling now has been on its way for quite some time.

The rights of employees are important. Everyone should be treated with respect every day. There should be boundaries between the workday and personal life. Companies should pay top dollar for top talent.

But, there’s a personal saying that comes to mind: “Would you rather be right, or would you rather be married?” In this case, “married” should be swapped out for “employed.”

We cannot assume all of the perks from a job seeker’s market will continue as it becomes an employer’s market again. The intention here is not to scare you. But, if there’s one thing we all learned in 2020, it’s that anything can happen. You cannot assume things will continue the way they are today.

So, what can you do? Realizing that no one can predict the future, all we can do is to prepare. The last thing you want is to find yourself in a difficult situation with no plan.

If you haven’t updated your resume in a while, it’s time to dust it off and make sure it’s current. Have it on standby, just in case. And, don’t forget about LinkedIn. It should be updated and connected to your colleagues and should have your current photo. Your resume and LinkedIn profile are two of your greatest job search tools.

If your work is already feeling unstable, it might be time to go to the next step and begin applying for jobs. Although the job market looks poor right now, hiring is still happening. It might be harder to find a job, and it might take longer, but it is not impossible.

Set aside time each week to work on your future plan. Think about where you would like to be in one and five years. Don’t wait for the future to happen to you. Lay your own foundation.

Angela Copeland, a leadership and career expert, can be reached at copelandcoaching.com.