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Front Page - Friday, September 2, 2022

Chattanooga BASF begins apprenticeship program

Samuel Blackwell is a student at Chattanooga State Community College and a participant in BASF’s apprenticeship program. He says he’s looking forward to a career in chemical manufacturing. - Photograph provided

BASF has launched an apprenticeship program at its Chattanooga facility in the hopes of producing talent for a skilled and diverse technician workforce.

As part of a regional BASF initiative, the program will focus on hiring and developing candidates enrolled in Chattanooga State Community College.

“The apprenticeship participants will acquire the skills needed for our process technician roles,” says Brittany Davis, operations manager at BASF. “The opportunity to gain hands-on experience while learning in the classroom is invaluable.”

The 12-month apprenticeship program pays apprentices a full-time wage to participate in on-the-job training while earning a certificate in chemical engineering technology from Chattanooga State.

In addition to paying a competitive salary, BASF offers medical, dental and vision benefits and covers the costs associated with the certificate program.

At the end of the program, apprentices have the credentials needed to be placed in positions at BASF.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, apprenticeship programs offer many benefits, including enhanced employee retention, a safer workplace, a stable and reliable pipeline of qualified workers and a systematic approach to training that ensures employees are prepared to produce.


Source: BASF