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Front Page - Friday, August 20, 2021

Organizing your home for back to school

It’s back-to-school time in Tennessee and the surrounding areas!

Heading back to the classrooms can be stressful, from shopping for school supplies and packing lunches for picky eaters to setting a morning routine to get them out the door on time.

Here are some tips to help streamline your home and make this time of year less chaotic.

Shelving, storage and organizers

Choose a room to dedicate for homework and downtime after school and install shelving to organize their books, toys and supplies all in one place. Utilize doors by adding over-the-door organizers to keep school supplies tidied.

Streamline bathroom morning routines by adding cabinet organizers so the children can easily find tools and products and you can see when they’re getting low on necessities.

Use a cubby to store backpacks and shoes and keep them out of the hallways. If you don’t have a storage area readily accessible, hang them on their desk chairs daily so mornings don’t turn into a search and rescue for missing backpacks.

Use a closet organizer and have your children lay out their clothes for the week ahead of time. This is the south, so check the forecast first!

Post schedules

Using a digital calendar or organizing app can be handy for keeping up with addresses and details for upcoming events, but consider going “old school” with a large dry erase or chalkboard in a central area so all members of the family can see the week at a glance.

Also, consider posting daily checklists for morning and bedtime routines so children don’t forget to brush their teeth or grab their homework.

Plan meals in advance

Stay one step ahead of weekday stress by using Sundays to plan and prep dinners for the coming week.

If you pack school lunches, divide and stash individual portions in a specified lunch area in the refrigerator to have everything easy to grab-and-go and make more mornings less frantic.

Post weekly dinner plans including meals out and date nights on a board so teens can plan accordingly. Let the children make suggestions.

Organize yourself

Create an area for yourself with a dry erase board, hanging files, car keys and an inbox for only you for anything that needs a parent’s signature, review and so on. Get the family in the habit of separating their homework from what you need to see by using this inbox.

Need help with added storage, organization or remodeling to better utilize your home for back-to-school? Consider contacting one of the home professionals at our member directory at www.HBAGC.net.