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Front Page - Friday, July 9, 2021

Chattanooga Police Department launches Dragonfly Community Connect

The Chattanooga Police Department has launched Dragonfly Community Connect, a public-private community partnership that combines technologically advanced crime response with community policing to improve public safety.

Dragonfly Community Connect is a volunteer program that links security systems at Chattanooga businesses with the CPD’s Real-Time Intelligence Center using an existing internet connection and a cloud storage platform.

RTIC investigators are able to access video feeds from partner business systems as needed to identify and detain criminals and search for suspects.

“Having the capability to view live video allows the RTIC investigators to quickly send photos of suspects, their vehicles and other crucial information to officers who are responding to calls for service,” says CPD Chief David Roddy. “Dragonfly Community Connect is one more way the CPD is reaffirming its commitment to its community to remain a progressive and responsive agency.”

Currently, EPB is Dragonfly Community Connect’s first approved camera and installation partner. EPB technicians can assist businesses, organizations and agencies with their camera needs, placement and high-speed internet connection.

“This technology platform gives businesses complete control in deciding whether to participate and which video feeds they choose to share with the CPD,” says Scottie Summerlin, EPB spokesperson.

“By choosing to participate, local business owners can enhance safety for their employees and locations while also helping to protect neighboring businesses and homes.”

Dragonfly Community Connect uses a secure platform for video management from Genetec, a provider of open-architecture security solutions.

The solution is designed to improve security while eliminating the need to invest in additional servers. Working in cooperation with the City of Chattanooga’s information and technology department, Genetec connects the cameras at various businesses with the CPD’s RTIC.

“High quality, detailed video not only provides timely information to officers responding to an incident but also simplifies the ensuing investigation,” says Rick Taylor, national director of public sector security at Genetec. “Businesses that take part in the Dragonfly Community Connect program help to improve police responsiveness to crime and safety concerns in the area.

To protect privacy, the CPD does not regularly monitor live streams but can access them in the event of a call for service or report of a public safety threat.

Dragonfly Community Connect does not use facial recognition technology and does not offer priority response to partnering businesses.

More at dragonfly.chattanooga.gov.

Source: CPD