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Front Page - Friday, July 2, 2021

CFD recognizes Parkridge staff for fire emergency response

Chattanooga Fire Department Chief Phil Hyman, top left, with Parkridge Medical Center staff. - Photograph provided

The level-headed actions of staff at Parkridge Medical Center quickly extinguished a potentially dangerous situation after a patient started a small fire while attempting to smoke in bed, Chattanooga Fire Department officials say.

CFD Chief Phil Hyman and his team recently recognized seven Parkridge Medical Center staff members for their efforts to protect the safety and welfare of patients during and following the June 10 incident.

The Parkridge nurses and patient care technicians the CFD recognized included Jessie Accardo, Jeff Hobin, Dee Dee Leight, Jake Leiviska, Renee Mills, Sam Perkins and Chelsea Scheidler.

The fire was confined to one patient room in the surgical intensive care unit and quickly extinguished, reports the CFD. As a precaution, however, Parkridge staff members relocated their patients to another area of the hospital.

Provision of care continued safely and uninterrupted following their relocation.

“I commend the firefighters and hospital staff for the job they did,” Hyman says. “We appreciate the nurses and staff for the actions they took.”

CFD investigators say a patient attempting to smoke in bed caused the fire. While the patient in the room where the fire began received minor injuries, no other patient or staff member was harmed.

“While we also acknowledge numerous other colleagues for their support and cleanup roles following the incident, these seven individuals were pivotal to keeping our patients and staff safe at all times,” says Tom Ozburn, president and CEO of Parkridge Health. “That was the most important outcome of all.”

Source: Chattanooga Fire Department