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Front Page - Friday, April 16, 2021

Rockridge Venture leading trademark infringement case against celebrity designer

Rockridge attorney Kevin Christopher - Photograph provided

Chattanooga-based Rockridge Venture Law is leading African American owned Sicko’s trademark claims against celebrity designer Ian Connor, e-commerce giant Grailed and several others.

Plaintiff Sicko is an apparel company headquartered in Nashville. The company, whose trademark on “Sicko” dates back to 2016, has become a nationally recognized brand with a “distinctive reputation of design, innovation, craftsman and credibility in the urban streetwear category of apparel,” Rockridge attorney Kevin Christopher says.

Connor is a clothing designer and model who has been featured in Vogue, Hypebeas and other high-profile publications. More recently, national media outlets have reported on his rape allegations and weapons offenses.

In 2018, Connor launched a brand of his own by the name of Sicko. Since the launch, he has attracted other celebrities to his brand including Drake and T-Rex.

Connor’s brand repeatedly features images of naked women, naked children and devil-like figures, thus confusing consumers about the intentions of the original Sicko, Inc. brand, Christopher says.

Sicko, Inc. alleges trademark infringement against Connor based on his unauthorized use of the “Sicko” mark in connection with the advertising, promotion, distribution and sale of apparel and goods.

The trademark lawsuit, filed Feb. 13, alleges that not only did Connor and his Sicko brand exploit the Sicko mark for commercial gain, but they also confused customers about the source identification of the mark and weakened Sicko, Inc.’s brand and reputation in the process.

Leading Sicko, Inc.’s legal battle, Christopher says, “As a B Corp intellectual property firm, we champion the rights of small businesses and particularly creative, influential African American owned businesses like Sicko, Inc. We’re looking forward to obtaining the justice they deserve.”

Source: Rockridge Venture Law