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Front Page - Friday, April 9, 2021

1839 offering ‘pure relaxation and chill vibes’

Barber Ashleigh Morgan is opening 1839 Barber Company in Ooltewah. She says the shop will offer the luxury treatment women enjoy at spas to men. - Photograph provided

From manicures and pedicures to facials and body wraps, women know how to pamper themselves, barber Ashleigh Morgan says.

Now Morgan wants to give men an opportunity to indulge themselves during visits to her soon-to-open luxury establishment in Ooltewah, 1839 Barber Company.

While Morgan says her shop will focus on providing “great haircuts,” she will also advocate for coupling her services with a relaxing touch.

“My waiting chairs and shampoo bowl have massagers in them. I also have a designated shampoo room, which is much quieter and more secluded, making it easier to enjoy the wash service.”

Haircuts will come with hot towels and scalp massages, Morgan says, and a massage therapist will be on hand to do chair and full body massages.

“My goal is to give clients a high-end experience, not just a quick haircut and then out the door.”

1839 Barber Company will also provide straight razor shaves with a personalized facial, as well as a stand-alone facial service that will include an arm and hand massage.

“I’m trying to create the ultimate experience for men,” Morgan says. “Women have plenty of options, but men don’t.”

Morgan will even sell local beer, local coffee and cocktails in the evening.

“Are you picking up what I’m putting down?” she laughs. “It’s going to be pure relaxation and chill vibes.”

Morgan is opening 1839 Barber Company in a renovated 1,000 square foot space behind the new Chick-fil-A in Ooltewah.

She named her barbershop after the year in which the Tennessee General Assembly incorporated the town of Chattanooga.

The city began life as Ross’s Landing when brothers John and Lewis Ross established a trading post consisting of a warehouse and ferry landing in 1816. The early residents voted to change the name to Chattanooga in 1838.

“I want to bring the local vibe of Chattanooga to Ooltewah and offer a service men can’t find locally,” Morgan says.

Morgan is a former stylist who owned a barbershop in Carmel, Indiana for six years before venturing to Chattanooga. Throughout her career, she’s endeavored learn new things, whether it was a haircut technique, marketing tactic or business concept, she says.

“I have served many types of people over the years, and everyone has told me they have never had a stylist like me,” Morgan says.

“There are plenty of good barbers out there, but you need to find someone you vibe with. It’s all about reading your clients – which I think is my strong suit – as well as listening to their needs and concerns.”

After jumping from shop to shop locally and not loving the business models, Morgan decided to open 1839 Barber Company and take Ooltewah by the reins.

“I thought, ‘Why not bring something different from most hair companies in town?’”

Although Morgan will be marketing 1839 Barber Company to men, she says women will be “absolutely welcome” in her shop; however, she won’t be offering coloring services.

“I will serve whoever wants a haircut,” she declares.

Morgan has not nailed down when she will open 1839 Barber Company, but she hopes she will have the shop ready by the end of April or the beginning of May.

Before then, Morgan intends to host an open house with music, Champagne and time for herself and her co-worker, Macy, to introduce themselves to the community and explain their services.

At that top of that list, Morgan says, is her desire to provide an experience unlike any other in Chattanooga.

“I love making someone feel like a new person. It’s why 1839 Barber Company exists.”

Search for “1839 Barber Company” on Facebook and then follow the shop’s page to receive announcements about the open house and grand opening.