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Front Page - Friday, April 2, 2021

Minority-owned telehealth company opens Chattanooga facility

Minority-owned health care information technology company KaZee has opened a data center at 807 E. 16th Street in Chattanooga.

The company has similar facilities in Atlanta and Nashville and expects to continue to expand its operations in Tennessee.

KaZee provides large clinics, health departments, correctional institutions and hospitals with software and support services.

The company’s products allow doctors and patients to make appointments, store patient information, bill insurance companies and manage patient charts and medical records electronically.

“Hamilton County and North Georgia are ideal locations for a health care data center,” KaZee chairman and CEO Albert Woodard says. “This area has high-speed communications capabilities, an advanced medical and health care community, a mature insurance industry, excellent education in the fields of health care, information technology and engineering, and a skilled labor force.”

Source: KaZee