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Front Page - Friday, March 5, 2021

Net Resource Foundation seeks sponsors for South Chattanooga beautification

The Net Resource Foundation is looking for individuals or businesses to sponsor these benches in its South Chattanooga community beautification project. - Photograph provided

The Net Resource Foundation is looking for individuals or businesses to sponsor benches in its south Chattanooga community beautification project.

In partnership with Westside Baptist Church, the open space at 4000 Hughes Avenue will enhance the community by offering an outdoor performance venue, tree-covered paths, a location for summer and after-school programs and a community garden.

Ten benches need sponsorships, with each bench costing $700. The project will be completed in the fall.

The NRF estimates the price tag of the new Alton Park project to be $52,000. This includes the performance venue, a meditation area and locally sourced and sustainable trees and vegetation.

Eleven trees will be planted, with the help of the UNFoundation and the City of Chattanooga’s Division of Urban Forestry, March 13, 9 a.m.-noon.

NRF Executive Director Raquetta Dotley is applying for infrastructure grants through the city and is asking businesses to consider sponsoring their park benches.

“We encourage businesses that would like to be a part of this revitalization to collaborate with us by purchasing a bench that will not only add aesthetic value to the community but show their support for continued investment in South Chattanooga.”

EPB, the first business to sponsor the project, donated $1,500.

Donate at thenetresourcefoundation.org.

Source: Net Resource Foundation