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Front Page - Friday, November 20, 2020

Planning process for Westside moves into next phase

Westside neighbors, residents and businesses will be surveyed for input into planning

As the Westside Community Evolves planning activities continue, partners in the effort are moving into the second phase of planning, which will involve seeking community input.

Chattanooga Design Studio, Chattanooga Housing Authority and City of Chattanooga are partnering to work with residents, businesses and other community members to develop a plan for the future of the community.

So far, more than 424 residents in Gateway Towers and College Hill have completed a survey.

Plans are underway to host a community workshop in December to share information received from the survey and data collection process and to begin developing a plan with the community. The workshop is being designed to accommodate both in-person and virtual participation.

The Westside District is an 80-year-old community that includes primarily subsidized housing with over 2,000 residents. The study will encompass the area between U.S. 27, Riverfront Parkway, MLK Boulevard and Main Street.

The effort will help the community create plans and identify strategies to preserve the number of subsidized residential units while pinpointing opportunities for market rate housing.

Chattanooga Design Studio has engaged EJP Consulting Group to facilitate the nine-month planning process. EJP has national experience in public housing revitalization planning and development.

A diverse selection committee formed from members of a larger community advisory group chose EJP to consult on the project.

More information: www.Westside_Evolves.com

Source: Westside Community Evolves