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Front Page - Friday, August 14, 2020

Realtors donate gift cards to East Brainerd teachers

Members of the Community Partnerships Committee at Greater Chattanooga Realtors last week donated 115 $50 gift cards primarily to the teachers at East Brainerd Elementary. The tornado that ripped through the community in April decimated the school.

Jay Young, affiliate broker and chair of the committee, said the association had money in its budget that had not been spent due to the pandemic, so its members decided to purchase the gift cards to support the teachers at the school.

“We figured they needed things for their classrooms. There’s added expense because of COVID and they’re not in their old building anymore,” he explained.

Principle Saunya Goss said the gift is encouraging and heartwarming.

“It’s good to recognize teachers for the work they do. It can be challenging and rewarding, and to know there’s still compassion out there and giving after everything we’ve been through means a lot to every one of us.”