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Front Page - Friday, July 24, 2020

CPD to enforce pedestrian traffic laws

Chattanooga Police officers stepping up the enforcement of pedestrian traffic laws, citing this summer’s protests and concerns for pedestrian safety as reasoning for the new emphasis.

Police are focusing on pedestrians violating Tennessee law TCA 39-17-307(a), which prohibits obstruction of a street or sidewalk and makes the offense a Class C misdemeanor.

Incidents of vehicles striking protesters blocking roadways in cities around the country underscores the danger of disregarding pedestrian safety rules, the CPD says in statement.

Additionally, the department has received numerous complaints about protesters blocking roads, impeding traffic and emergency vehicles and frightening community members who are attempting to travel in the areas where protesters have illegally gathered in the streets.

From July 1-17, CPD dispatchers received 28 calls for assistance or complaints regarding crowds blocking roadways and stopping cars and one call from a person who felt “unsafe and threatened.”

In addition to these documented calls, officers have received numerous complaints from residents and business owners in the affected areas.

“The Chattanooga Police Department supports those who wish to exercise their right to assemble peacefully. However, when public safety is compromised and laws are violated, it is the responsibility and duty of CPD officers to intervene,” the department says in the release.

Source: Chattanooga Police Department