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Front Page - Friday, July 17, 2020

Bethlehem Center to host food drive to support South Chattanooga families

Bethlehem Center will host a Food Drive on Friday, July 31, 10 a.m.-1 p.m., at Christ United Methodist Church, 8645 E. Brainerd Road. Donations will help underserved youth and families in South Chattanooga.

Bethlehem Center will accept granola bars, crackers, chips, canned tuna, pasta, goldfish, fruit cups and fruit snacks, as well as paper bags and variety storage bags.

Participants can pull into the church parking lot where Bethlehem Center staff will accept their donations.

“This food drive is an opportunity for the community to help underserved youth and adults in a safe way,” says Shari Watson, marketing manager for Bethlehem Center. “During this difficult time, it’s crucial for us to continue to support one another.”

Donations can also be made by purchasing items in bulk from Amazon and sending them to the Bethlehem Center at 200 W. 38th St.

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Source: Bethlehem Center