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Front Page - Friday, July 17, 2020

Hamilton County schools open registration for HCS at Home

When Hamilton County Schools open in August, parents who are not comfortable with sending their children to school in person will be able to take advantage of a new option called HCS at Home.

The new program will allow children to connect to the school in which they are enrolled but learn from home. Teachers familiar to the family will connect with the child enrolled in HCS at Home electronically with video lessons and Zoom discussions to keep each child moving forward.

Students signed up for HCS at Home will follow the schedule of a regular school day at their enrolled school and be required to maintain regular attendance.

In addition, students will be able to participate in clubs and athletics and will have options for AP and dual enrollment classes.

The learn-at-home process will work differently from the spring experience as teachers and students will work together to learn new material and concepts with the same curriculum and pace as children attending in-person.

Families will have three options for attending school this fall in Hamilton County Schools.

HCS Learning Continuum

The HCS Learning Continuum option will follow the phases outlined in the HCS Reentry Plan. Depending on which phase the district is in during the school year, students will be learning through either remote learning, face-to-face instruction, or a combination of remote learning and face-to-face instruction in the classroom.

HCS Learning Continuum will be the default option for all students. Families who want to follow the phased plan for in-person learning won’t need to complete any additional registration steps.

HCS at Home

All HCS families have the option to choose the HCS at Home remote learning program. Families selecting this option will need to stay in the option for the entire semester.

Hamilton County Virtual School

This program is self-directed and self-paced, with more reliance on parents for curriculum support and engagement. This school supports students in grades K-12. Hamilton County Virtual School has been a part of the school district for several years. Enrollment is required.

Families with students who will be new to the district can choose an option during the new student registration process.

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Source: Hamilton County Schools