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Front Page - Friday, June 5, 2020

NAR: 65% of those who attended an open house within the last year would do so now

A majority of people – 65% – who attended an open house within the last year would do so now without hesitation, according to survey data the National Association of Realtors released Monday.

Research firm Engagious conducted the series of surveys, which explored how homebuyers and sellers want to safely handle home sales transactions during the coronavirus pandemic, for the NAR as the association kicks off National Homeownership Month.

“The real estate industry – and our country – has endured very challenging times for several months, but we’re seeing signs of progress and we’re hoping the worst is behind us,” says NAR President Vince Malta. “While we celebrate Homeownership Month, we embrace today’s version of homeownership and the unique paths homeowners take to realize their dream.”

The series of biweekly national surveys collected information on consumer attitudes about working with real estate professionals during the coronavirus pandemic. Several survey highlights include:

Approximately half of buyers (47%) and sellers (53%) said that during the current pandemic, relying upon a real estate professional when searching for or selling a home is more important than ever.

A majority of buyers (54%) and sellers (62%) said that particularly during the pandemic, a real estate agent’s guidance is especially valued.

Almost six in 10 buyers and sellers – 59% and 58%, respectively –said that buying and selling real estate is an essential service.

About half of buyers – 51% – said an agent can help buyers glean more valuable information from online listings than buyers could uncover on their own.

More than half of buyers – 56% – said an agent can save a buyer the time and stress of weeding through online listings.


Source: National Association of Realtors