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Front Page - Friday, June 5, 2020

Geoff Ramsey inducted into RPAC Hall of Fame


The National Association of Realtors has inducted Chattanooga Realtor Geoff Ramsey into the Realtors Political Action Committee (RPAC) Hall of Fame.

Ramsey has been an RPAC Major Investor for seven years and a President’s Circle Member for six years. Over this time, he has invested more than $25,000.

“Realtors are advocates for homeowners across the country, and I’m proud to do my part to protect homeownership for future generations by supporting political leaders who do the same,” Ramsey says.

Since 1969, RPAC has been promoting the election of pro-Realtor candidates across the United States. Realtors voluntarily invest in RPAC to support political candidates whose philosophies support the concepts of private property rights and free enterprise.

The Realtor Party does not consider political party affiliation.

Source: Greater Chattanooga Realtors