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Front Page - Friday, January 31, 2020

Recognizing CBA members who have practiced for 50 or more years

During the Chattanooga Bar Association’s annual meeting Jan. 22 at The Read House, Executive Director Lynda Hood asked all the members who have been practicing for 50 or more years to stand. Many attorneys responded.

“Congratulations,” Hood said. “And thank you for your selfless attitude, unquestionable character and commitment to your profession and to making your community a better place.”

Here are all 46 members of the CBA who have been laboring in the law for half of a century or more:

Paul R. Leitner (1954)

Robert D. Lawson Sr. (1955)

Mark J. Mayfield (1958)

Hon. Herschel P. Franks (1959)

John P. Guerry (1959)

David E. Nelson Jr. (1959)

T. Maxfield Bahner (1960)

Hon. Clarence Shattuck (1960)

Joel W. Richardson Jr. (1961)

H. Wayne Grant (1962)

Howard I. Levine (1963)

Thomas S. Kale (1964)

David E. Patterson (1964)

Carlos C. Smith (1964)

W. Ray Webb Jr. (1964)

Thomas A. Williams (1964)

Joseph C. Wilson III (1964)

Hon. Don W. Poole (1965)

Richard W. Buhrman (1966)

Richard B. Gossett (1966)

Thomas O. Helton (1966)

J. Nelson Irvine (1966)

John C. Mooney (1966)

Albert William Secor (1966)

Jerry H. Summers (1966)

Justice William M. Barker (1967)

James E. Hall (1967)

R. Larson Mick (1967)

Tom H. O’Neal (1967)

Robert J. Batson Jr. (1968)

William C. Carriger (1968)

Hon. William B. Mitchell Carter (1968)

Gary D. Gerbitz (1968)

Michael A. McMahan (1968)

Hon. Russell J. Bean (1969)

John N. Foy Jr. (1969)

Fred H. Moore (1969)

R. Wayne Peters (1969)

Scott N. Brown Jr. (1970)

Chancellor W. Frank Brown III (1970)

Hon. William L. Brown (1970)

Richard D. Crotteau (1970)

Ross L. Hatcher III (1970)

Phillip Calvin Lawrence (1970)

Gary Steven Napolitan (1970)

Donald H. Spiegel (1970)