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Front Page - Friday, December 20, 2019

Five tips for a modern mudroom makeover

Even though time spent outdoors lessens during winter in the Chattanooga area, your home can still benefit from a mudroom or mudroom area.

For some homeowners, a mudroom is an actual separate room near the entryway of the home, built to reduce clutter and to store everything from gloves to sports gear.

Even if your home doesn’t already have a designated mudroom, there are still plenty of ways to keep the area near your home entrance organized and clutter-free.

Focus on functionality and space

Before installing shelves or picking out wall art, think about how you plan to use the space. If you have an entire room, you may opt for more shelving to store household gadgets or hobby supplies. A closet without the door near your entryway can be easily decorated and outfitted with hooks. A wall will require an organized system with some items displayed or hidden in cabinets, based on your preferences.

Think about your floor before the décor

This area of your home gets the most foot traffic (and mud!), so you’ll need a durable, moisture resistant flooring option. You’ll want something that’s easy to clean, since this space will be dirty often.

Heavy duty flooring material, such as tile or stone, is your best bet. If upgrading your flooring isn’t an option, adding a wool rug can increase the functionality of the space, since wool is naturally resistant to mold and moisture.

Size up your seating options

Adding a built-in seating area or bench can be helpful for taking off and putting on your shoes. You can also place items or shoes in a tray or cubby underneath a seat. A flip seat can hide items away while making them accessible. Footstools also serve as a seating option for smaller spaces.

Get organized

Storage options are abundant, from hooks to bins to cabinets to adjustable shelves and lockers.

Before adding unique organizing options to your space, take an assessment of what you have.

Do you have more hats or sports gear? Maybe you’ll opt for more hooks than shelves or vice versa. Smaller items can be easily tucked away in bins and baskets. Once you’ve taken inventory, you’ll want to keep the most used items near your door.

Create a color palate

Since the mudroom will be the first area you see as you enter your home, find a color or pattern that speaks the most to you.

If you’re adding new wall color, select a paint that’s stain resistant or easy to clean.

For more information about the latest mudroom designs or to find a home remodeler in your area to help you create an inviting entryway, visit the online directory of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga at www.HBAGC.net.