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Front Page - Friday, February 1, 2019

VaynerX expands with launch of The Sasha Group in Chattanooga

James Orsini, left, president of The Sasha Group, with Gary Vaynerchuk, chairman and CEO of VaynerX, and Mickey Cloud, senior vice president of The Sasha Group and head of the Chattanooga office. - Photograph provided

VaynerX is launching The Sasha Group, a company working with entrepreneurs and small and mid-sized businesses generating between 1 million and $100 million in revenue.

Existing VaynerMedia offerings, including VaynerMentors (consulting), VaynerBeta (branding and marketing), and the Daily Digital Deep Dive (education), will now be offered through The Sasha Group. The Sasha Group will operate from VaynerX’s New York City and Chattanooga offices.

James Orsini, VaynerMedia’s chief operating officer, will serve as president of The Sasha Group.

Source: VaynerX