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News - Friday, September 5, 2014

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Chattanooga Bar Assoc. honors retirees, newly elected officials

The Chattanooga Bar Association on Tuesday, Sept. 2 at Hunter Museum hosted a reception to celebrate the retirements of several local elected officials and to honor several newly elected officials, many of whom are members of the Bar.

For more photos, pick up a copy of The Hamilton County Herald.

Investment Realtor encourages smart investing

If it takes integrity for a Realtor to advise someone not to buy a property, then Eric Judd wears his on his sleeve. As a real estate agent who works with investors, if he thinks a client wants to make a bad purchase, he’ll tell them.

“I’ll tell you not to buy something before I’ll tell you to buy it,” he says. “If you want to buy it anyway, I’ll work with you, I’ll simply want you to know if I were you, I wouldn’t.”

More local officials accept the Ice Bucket Challenge

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,

Tuesday, Sept. 2 on the Hamilton County Courthouse.

Mayor Coppinger, in turn, challenged two members of the Hamilton County legislative delegation: Rep. Gerald McCormick and Sen. Bo Watson.

WCR holds membership rally

The local chapter of the Women’s Council of Realtors Tuesday, Aug. 26, held a membership rally at Outback Steakhouse on Hamilton Place Boulevard.

Representatives from sponsor PrimeLending attended the rally. From L-R: Angela Weaver-Lusk, senior loan officer; Charity Kincaid, production manager; and Sherry Hodges, loan originator.

National Perspective of Housing Market

We often report here on the local housing market, but it’s important also to consider the national perspective. The National Association of Realtors recently released the following:

Pending home sales rebounded in July and have now risen in four of the last five months, according to the National Association of Realtors. All major regions experienced healthy gains except for the Midwest, which saw a slight decline.

YLD enjoys burgers and baseball

An important part of being a new lawyer is networking and getting to know both your colleagues and the long established attorneys and judges from whom you will be learning and with whom you will be practicing the law.

To meet that need, and simply to socialize, the Chattanooga Bar Association and Tennessee Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Divisions hosted a night of burgers and baseball at AT&T Field as the Chattanooga Lookouts took on the Tennessee Smokies.

Late pass

A football spirals in slow motion across the Texas sky. The state championship hangs in the balance. Spoiler alert: If you’ve not watched “Friday Night Lights,” go watch it — all 76 episodes — and then return.

Are you back?

The most Powerful book isn’t even a book anymore
Under Analysis

Once upon a time, in a land I could see out my window, there was a thing called the banker’s hour. The length of the hour was the same as it was for the rest of us: sixty minutes. Bankers in those days however, only toiled for eight of them in a row. Their working hours were memorialized in song by St. Dolly of Parton: “9 to 5.”

World of Beer taps Chattanooga for new tavern

Featuring local craft beers and brews from around the globe, World of Beer and owners Wayne Farmer and Frank Hudson last week celebrated the opening of the franchise’s newest tavern at 412 Market Street in downtown Chattanooga. This is the third tavern for Farmer and Hudson, and the first in Tennessee.

Assistant Trustee Kimberly Swafford honored with reception

A reception was held Thursday, Aug. 28 at Community Pie in honor of newly appointed Assistant U.S. Trustee for the Eastern District of Tennessee Kimberly C. Swafford.

Members of the Chattanooga Bar Association, co-workers, friends, and family attended the gathering.

Firefighters collect over a ton of food during food drive

The Chattanooga Fire Department’s 8th annual Firefighters Against Hunger Food Drive for this year is history, and the totals are in from the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.

For the week of Aug. 18–24, firefighters collected 2,364 pounds of food and $950 in cash. Last year, the department collected 2,811 pounds of food, and $265 in cash donations.

Prepare yourself for the unexpected
Financial Focus

Are you ready for this? September is National Preparedness Month. Sponsored by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Preparedness Month seeks to educate Americans on preparing for natural disasters and other types of emergencies. But you’ll also need to prepare for unexpected events in many other areas of your life — particularly those events related to the financial security of you and your family. 

This could have been a good one
The Critic's Corner

With the exception of “The Blair Witch Project,” I’ve always thought the “found footage” technique of making a movie was nothing more than an excuse for lazy directing or to keep a project’s budget down. Instead of taking the time to plan and film a scene in a traditional manner, the director simply gives one or more of the movie’s characters a video camera and then sends them on their way.

You say Timballo; I say Timbale!
Kay's Cooking Corner

I don’t profess to be a great Italian cook for a good reason – I’m not Italian.  However, you don’t necessarily have to be Italian to whip up some great tasting dishes that can really fool your diners into thinking you’re one excellent Italian cook!

Are We There Yet?

There was a good video last week of a Hammerhead shark swimming near a couple from Saline County in the Gulf of Mexico. The guy doing the filming was in one of the many high-rise condos that separate the salt water from highway 98 in Destin; like a mini-Dubai. 

Pick up the shovel
View From The Cheap Seats

What’s the one thing that would make all the difference in your life if you could just get it done? If this one thing would really make the difference, why have you not done it yet? Is it because it’s too complicated? Do you need help? Is your lack of inaction nothing more than a lack of true desire to do what you think needs to be done? If you don’t desire to do it, maybe it’s not really the thing you need to do.

Non-GMO pledge made me pick another spread
Read All About It

The other day as I pushed my grocery cart down the aisle of my favorite food store, I was stopped in my tracks as I approached the dairy case that held the brand of the whipped spread that goes on my toast and in my oatmeal each morning.

Painting made easy
Do It Yourself

Many people have a big dislike for painting. Painting is an easy task and with painting secrets, it is even easier! Paint is a quick and easy way to completely update a space, a focal wall, or furniture. The great thing about paint is that it can go over anything.

Event Calendar

Crabtree’s fall plant sale

Saturday, Sept. 6

Crabtree Farms’ 12th Annual Fall Plant Sale will take place Saturday, Sept. 6 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Over 100 varieties of fruits, veggies, herbs and more will be on hand for fall gardeners. (All plant starts are being cultivated in the greenhouse at Crabtree Farms using sustainable methods.) This year’s festival will feature three free workshops. From 10 to 11 a.m., Crabtree’s Sara McIntyre will offer tips on fall gardening. At noon, CeCe McDermott of 423 Balm will demonstrate how to make five-minute cheese. One other workshop, topic to be determined, is planned. Local vendors with goods for sale will include 423 Balm, Down to Earth, Fireside Botanicals, King of Pops, Marshall and Rose, Rusty’s Nutz, and Shuptrine’s Twisted. Crabtree accepts cash, Visa or MasterCard, check, and SNAP. (SNAP is accepted for seeds and edible plants only.)

Brainbuster – Make your brain tingle!

A little of this, and a little of that.

1. If you suffer from Hippophobia, what don’t you want to come face to face with if out strolling in a pasture? A hippo; a horse; a cow; a sheep.

2. Noah had four sons, but only blessed two of them. Which two? Ham and Seth; Seth and Japheth; Shem and Ham; Japheth and Shem.

What'd They Say?

Fill in the blanks in the quote using the following words:

capital, fruit, independent, consideration, capital, prior,

labor, could, first, labor, existed, superior, labor,

deserves, higher, capital

“______ is ______ to, and ______ of, ______. ______ is the only ______of ______, and ______ never had ______ if _______ had not ______ existed. Labor is the ______ of ______, and  ______ much the ______ ______.”

What was going on in Chattanooga in 1914?

Saturday, September 5, 1914

Sixty-three residents of Missionary Ridge Friday night met in response to a call of the Ridge Business League to oppose the building of a Tuberculosis Sanitarium on the Crest Road. The resolution was adopted, and $1,600 was subscribed to employ an attorney. Harry Wise, vice president of the League, presided. A committee appointed to work out plans was composed of Judson Buchanan, J.H. Davenport, and L.L. Peak.

What was going on in Chattanooga in 1964?

Saturday, September 5, 1964

A renovation of Memorial Auditorium at an estimated cost of $1 million has the support of the auditorium board of directors and the City Commission, and will be undertaken as soon as bonds are issued, Commissioner McInturff said Thursday.