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News - Friday, May 10, 2024

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Yeah, just wait till next year
Entomologists savor chance to study cicadas, warn the 2025 invasion will be even bigger

Very soon, through big swathes of the Volunteer State, the cicadas are gonna remind you of Roy Kent.

The veteran, albeit fictional, British footballer from “Ted Lasso” had a chant directed at him throughout his career: “he’s here, he’s there, he’s every-(effin’)-where…”

Two broods emerging, but only one in Tennessee

The Central U.S. is swimming in cicadas this summer. The 13-year Brood XIX is the flavor of periodic cicada emerging in Tennessee over the next few weeks.

Brood XIII (no, not Taylor’s version) is a 17-year species, and will also emerge in 2024, but the broods will only overlap in a very small section of Central Illinois.

AIM explained: Insurance for legal profession

Known by its acronym, “AIM,” Attorneys Insurance Mutual of the South was formed out of the Alabama State Bar in 1989 to serve attorneys who were left without professional liability coverage when big commercial carriers pulled out of the Alabama market.

Chambliss welcomes Barton to practice

Attorney J. Mitchell Barton is now serving the corporate and health care practice areas at Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel.

With a background in corporate and health care law, Barton assists clients in navigating corporate governance, policy development, commercial contract negotiation and risk management matters.

Fowler elected Tennessee Bar Foundation Fellow

Russell Fowler is now a fellow of the Tennessee Bar Foundation. The Bar Foundation’s board of trustees extended invitations to membership to 29 attorneys. The introduction of new fellows took place at the annual Fellows Dinner, held April 26 in Nashville.

Father’s faith guides career decision
But Davenport needed to convince herself before leap

Shirley Davenport was 28 when her father fell on hard times and began to tumble toward foreclosure in 1998.

A stubborn case of post-traumatic stress disorder held John Emmanuel Foy, Sr., a Vietnam veteran, in an unyielding grip. Unwilling to let the streets claim him, Davenport moved him into her home. He then sold his house and used the funds that remained after he’d paid off his mortgage to settle into a new dwelling.

Pre-summer checklist for home chores

As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” and with the arrival of May, it’s the perfect time to ensure your home is prepped and primed to welcome the warmer months ahead.

Houselogic.com has numerous checklists and tips, from sprucing up the garden to deep cleaning overlooked areas. Here are seven of my favorite must-do home maintenance tips for this spring:

Some tips for selecting a professional remodeler

When planning a home remodel, the decision to hire a professional remodeler is not just about achieving satisfactory results, it’s also about ensuring peace of mind and safeguarding your investment.

Professional remodelers bring a wealth of expertise, craftsmanship and industry knowledge to the table. Beyond mere execution, they possess a keen eye for design, a knack for problem-solving, and the ability to navigate complex logistical challenges inherent in remodeling projects.

Saturday’s Tour de Jour features six homes

Glossy magazines and decked-out showrooms are great sources of inspiration when remodeling a home or daydreaming about a renovation. But to get a real sense of what a modern kitchen or an open design looks like and how they fit into the grander scheme of a home, nothing beats seeing them in person.

Newsmakers: UTC names Gritten library dean

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has appointed Tim Gritten to serve as the dean of its library. Gritten spent the last six years as executive director of the library and special collections at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. The appointment is effective July 1.

Briefs: Speech & Hearing Center joins Signal Centers

The Speech & Hearing Center is now a part of Signal Centers. SCH will continue to operate at the same location and with the same staff and services. Taylor Bostwick will remain at the helm of the Speech & Hearing Center, which will operate as a program of Signal Centers.

Rogers column: Mental evals for legislators? How did that not pass?

Just as one invading species – state legislators – has departed Nashville, we’re steeling ourselves for the imminent arrival of another: Brood XIX cicadas. Of the two, which is more irksome?

In fairness to the bugs, I probably shouldn’t characterize them as invaders. Unlike most of the lawmakers who temporarily occupy Nashville annually, they’re homegrown natives. Brood XIX, this year’s star attraction, is simply emerging after 13 years of underground eating and development to go about their adult business.

Financial Focus: Financial freedom: A gift to your family

Here’s a sobering statistic: 72% of retirees say one of their biggest fears is becoming a burden on their families, a study by Edward Jones and the consulting firm Age Wave reveals. If you are near retirement, how can you prepare yourself to become financially free, so you won’t have to depend on grown children or other family members?

Book review: Get-rich-quick schemes often come with a BITE

The Benjamins in your wallet are lonesome. They want more of their fellow fivers around, perhaps a few hundred, if it’s possible. And it might happen if you believe the pitch from that old college pal you rarely hear from or the guy in your church who wants you in his sales group.

Behind the Wheel: Crossovers hybrids: Niro vs. Corolla Cross

Many car shoppers simply want a vehicle that’s practical, easy to drive and relatively inexpensive. High fuel economy is increasingly a popular desire as well. If this sounds like what you’re looking for in your next vehicle, consider the 2024 Kia Niro or the 2024 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid.