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News - Friday, April 9, 2021

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Filling a rental market niche
Collier development gives underserved segment some welcome options

Chattanooga builder Ethan Collier was tossing around names for his new residential development in Red Bank when he realized he was living with the perfect one.

Collier has two children: Caleb, 14, and Julia, 12. He named his newest community for his daughter, not because he favors her over his son but because he says he believes it’s the kind of neighborhood where she would flourish.

Lessons learned from presidents past
Wayne intent on devouring all their biographies, has 28 left on the shelf

When attorney Matt Wayne is serving a client, he draws on his education in the law and his ever-deepening experience in civil litigation to effect a desired outcome.

But when he’s grappling with one of the many demands that come with being a lawyer, he turns to certain figures of history for inspiration and encouragement.

Another ladder left to climb
Nascent Realtor confident diverse experience will give him an edge

Paul Carter has been climbing career ladders all his life. But he has never made it to the top of one.

After scaling a ladder for a season, he would slide down and then start up a different one, reversing the progress he had made.

At 36 years old, Carter is now standing on the first rung of the tallest ladder he has ever attempted to climb – and he has no intention of getting off. Instead, he wants to ascend high enough to reach the untouchable.

Wide gap between licensed and competent

In both Tennessee and Georgia, there is no license specific to residential or commercial real estate. Regardless of the kind of transaction we’re conducting, we must adhere to the rules.

As Realtors, we have a license to practice either residential or commercial real estate – but should we? It depends.

A loo redo – a few bathroom renovations made easy

Ready to start renovations for the bathroom of your dreams? With the average person spending 30 minutes per day in the bathroom, and 25% spending at least one hour there daily, it makes sense that homeowners want to make the space more inviting.

Starting the renovation process can be daunting, so we suggest using the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga’s membership directory to find qualified, dependable remodeling experts who will put your mind at ease and take you step by step through the process.

1839 offering ‘pure relaxation and chill vibes’

From manicures and pedicures to facials and body wraps, women know how to pamper themselves, barber Ashleigh Morgan says.

Now Morgan wants to give men an opportunity to indulge themselves during visits to her soon-to-open luxury establishment in Ooltewah, 1839 Barber Company.

Newsmakers: Speech & Hearing Center gets new leadership 

The Speech & Hearing Center has hired Taylor Bostwick as its president and CEO.

Bostwick will act as the voice of the center, communicating its mission and services to the community. She also is tasked with managing the staff, ensuring the fiscal health of the nonprofit agency and overseeing program delivery and expansion.

Fort Oglethorpe posts historic holiday menus

Holiday menus created at the former Army post at Fort Oglethorpe from 1925-1940 are now available online in the Digital Library of Georgia.

The DLG awarded the 6th Cavalry Museum a grant for digitizing its collection of historic menus. The collection is available at dlg.usg.edu/collection/scm_scthm.

Secretary of State appoints Hamilton County election commissioner to National Election Board

Secretary of State Tre Hargett has appointed Hamilton County Election Commissioner Secondra Diane Meadows to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission Standards Board in compliance with the Help America Vote Act of 2002.

The EAC Standards Board provides advice, guidance and support to the commission on the development of Voluntary Voting System Guidelines, a set of specifications and requirements against which voting systems can be tested to determine if the systems meet required standards.

New mobile mammography coach with 3D imaging arrives at CHI Memorial

The MaryEllen Locher Breast Center at CHI Memorial has a new mobile mammography coach with 3D imaging. The new coach replaces the original coach, which is more than 15 years old.

An anonymous local foundation and proceeds from the Pink! 2020 fundraiser provided the money to purchase the new coach, which carries with the latest imaging technology available, says the Breast Center.

Medal of Honor Heritage Center to host inaugural golf tournament at McLemore

The Charles H. Coolidge National Medal of Honor Heritage Center will host its inaugural golf tournament Thursday, April 22, at McLemore.

The new fundraising event will support the Heritage Center and its mission to memorialize the history and heritage of the nation’s highest military award for valor.

Financial Focus: Will investors change behavior after the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic might end up changing our lives in some significant ways. To cite one example, it’s likely we’ll see a lot more people continue to work remotely, now that they’ve seen the effectiveness of tools such as videoconferencing. Education, too, might be forever changed in some ways.

Personal Finance: Money shame seen as cause of increased suicide rate

The U.S. suicide rate has risen dramatically in recent years, and certified money coach Tammy Lally of Washington, D.C., is convinced money shame is a contributing factor.

Lally’s brother died by suicide in 2007 after receiving a foreclosure notice. Shortly afterward, Lally’s mortgage business collapsed in the Great Recession. She says she went from driving a Mercedes and living in an oceanfront house to filing for bankruptcy.

Behind the Wheel: Testing casts doubts on Teslas’ EPA range estimates

Edmunds’ test team recently published the results of its real-world range testing for electric vehicles. Notably, every Tesla the team tested in 2020 came up short of matching the EPA’s range estimate. Almost all other EVs Edmunds tested met or exceeded those estimates.