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News - Friday, March 29, 2024

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Lessons from ER applied to real estate
Former nurse Bruner uses triage skills in new career

Rachel Bruner learned how to keep her cool while working as an emergency room nurse at Middle Tennessee Medical Center in Murfreesboro. Whenever she was knee-deep in car crash victims, cardiac arrests and mental health breakdowns, she’d lean into her training and provide the support the ER doctors and patients needed from her.

Adversaries? Only when they’re on the clock

Years ago, four attorneys traveled from their hometown of Chattanooga to Philadelphia to take depositions in a contentious case, recalls Bill Colvin, a member of the entourage. The group also included Roger Dixson, the plaintiff’s lawyer in the case, as well as Harry Weill and Hugh Moore, each of whom was representing a defendant. An attorney from New York City met them in Philly.

ACTEC elects Imami to board of regents

The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel has elected Baker Donelson’s Shaheen Imami to serve on its board of regents. Imami’s election to the board is for an initial three-year term.

Since 2013, Imami has been a member of numerous committees within ACTEC – including the Practice Committee, the Fiduciary Litigation Committee and the Program Committee – and as the chair of Michigan.

Bekah busy selling homes, providing scholarships
Cochran provides aid annually for McMinn graduate

Bekah Cochran had already made a name for herself in real estate when someone called her “Busy” and started a new trend. She was no longer Bekah Cochran, founder of the Bekah Cochran Team, she was Busy Bekah, queen of her own bustling hive of staff and agents.

Choosing the perfect floor plan for your dream

Designing your new home is an exciting journey filled with endless possibilities, and one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is selecting the right floor plan. Your floor plan not only dictates the layout of your home but also influences your lifestyle on a daily basis.

Briefs: Urban Story Ventures breaks ground

Southeast real estate development group Urban Story Ventures broke ground last week on a $28 million Class A industrial building situated on 19 acres within the Centre South Riverport Industrial Park. The site is located at 2685 Riverport Road in the industrial corridor along Amnicola Highway and the Tennessee River.

Newsmakers: New La Paz Chattanooga board members named

La Paz Chattanooga has appointed its 2024 board of directors’ executive committee, welcomed several new members to its board and grown its full-time staff by onboarding a new case manager.

Appointments to La Paz’s executive committee include: Josselyn Aguilera Nielsen, owner, North Star Boutique, board chair; Shadrina Booker, city of Chattanooga, vice chair, director of community engagement; Moises Cardenas, Partner at Sentri Roofing, secretary; and Corinne Henderson, CPA and partner at Henderson & Gardner, treasurer.

Events: Chattery adult egg hunt

The Chattery’s annual adult egg hunt will return to Sculpture Fields Saturday, March 3. The hunt will take place from 1-3 p.m. The nonprofit is partnering with local artists to create evergreen wooden eggs. Traditional eggs filled with candy and prizes donated by local businesses will also be available to find. Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel, HHM CPAs and Kenco Group are sponsoring The Great Adult Egg Hunt. Tickets: www.thechattery.org/egghunt or the event.

Financial Focus: When should you take Social Security?

One of your important sources of retirement income will likely be Social Security. But when should you start taking it?

You can start collecting Social Security benefits at 62, but your checks will be considerably bigger if you wait until your full retirement age, which is likely between 66 and 67. You could even wait until you’re 70, at which point the payments will max out, except for yearly cost-of-living adjustments. But if you need the money, you need the money, even if you’re just 62 or any age before full retirement age.

Personal Finance: Stressing out over money? 5 ways to calm your fears

Financial stress is so common that certified financial planner Katie Lindquist says almost every client she has tells her they are feeling it.

“They don’t know what they should be doing with their money, and they feel like they should know. They feel shame around their money habits, which is a huge driving force of stress,” Lindquist says.

Millennial Money: Installment plans for rent divide payments but drive up costs

In January, I received an email from my apartment complex stating I could now divide my monthly rent into two payments via a product called Flex.

I would make the first payment on the first of the month and could choose when to make the second payment. This would help me pay rent on time, improve my cash flow and even build my credit history, the message added. Enticing, right?

Career Corner: Handling the ‘how much do you make now’ question

It’s no longer acceptable for a company to ask an interview candidate how much money they currently make. It’s also not terribly good to ask the candidate how much they want to make. These days, the standard is to share the pay range for the role. Then, the candidate can decide whether or not the range is acceptable.

Lady Vols get more than a game from Howard, D.C. visit

Students across the country travel to Washington D.C. for spring break. The Tennessee softball players did the same, only this trip had a much deeper meaning.

The Lady Vols visited the nation’s capital to learn more about Black history. They played a game against Howard University, visited several Black-owned establishments and toured the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The art of getting a pre-game puck from Preds

It’s a game of skill, positioning, cunning, intelligence and, yes, even a little luck.

Hockey? Well, yes, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the pregame routine hockey fans go through during the warmup skate in an effort to get players’ attention in search of a puck, a selfie or maybe even a stick.

Behind the Wheel: Best used spring adventure vehicles for less than $30K

By Dan Frio | Edmunds

Even with much of the country blanketed by rain and snow, it’s not too early to think of the thaw. March and April bring one of the most anticipated parts of the calendar – spring – and with it thoughts of adventure and the open highway.