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News - Friday, February 26, 2016

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Attorney Ariel Anthony enjoying the early days of her career

Ariel Anthony had wanted to become a lawyer since she was in elementary school. Her mom had tried to convince her to pursue accounting, but Anthony was determined to do something other than what her parents had suggested. After interviewing a female lawyer for a class assignment, Anthony was confident she’d found the path she would walk through life.

Local non-profit legal services provider receives cy pres donation

Southeast Tennessee Legal Services (STLS) has received the largest donation in its history, a cy pres award of an unspecified amount. In a press release, the firm thanked Miller & Martin, US Xpress, O’Toole, McLaughlin, Dooley & Pecora of Ohio, and United States District Court Judge Curtis Collier for facilitating the nomination of the award.

Best response to volatile markets? Stay calm
Financial Focus

In recent months, stocks have fallen sharply from their record highs, with one-day drops that can rightfully be called “dizzying.” As an investor, what are you to make of this volatility?

For one thing, you’ll find it useful to know the probable causes of the market gyrations. Most experts cite global fears about China’s economic slowdown, falling oil prices and anticipation of a move by the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates as the key factors behind the stock market’s decline.  

Leap seconds lost in shuffle
I Swear

In late 2005, the world – including Tennessee and Arkansas – was told that Mother Earth had lost a moment or so, notwithstanding the hectic pace we’d been on for a decade. The solution was to add a leap second” to the intangible timepiece maintained by cosmic forces. 

Berkshire Hathaway honors best of the best in 2015

Realty Center held its 31st annual awards breakfast Tuesday, Feb. 23 at The Chattanoogan Hotel to honor its agents who delivered noteworthy work in 2015.

Highlights included Realtor Sue Robert-Parks receiving recognition for being with the company 26 years, rookie agent Jeremiah Reynolds receiving the Rising Star Award, and Ned Weigel being chosen as the recipient of the President’s Award.

Coldwell Banker Pryor Realty honors top performers

Coldwell Banker Pryor Realty held its “umpteenth” (as co-owner Bill Pryor said) awards luncheon Tuesday, Feb. 23 at SpringHill Suites Marriott.

The company presented a comprehensive selection of honors that saw everyone but its newest agents leave with something in hand.

January 2016 Home Sales Report
REALTOR Association President's Message

Each year, the natural ending point of December gives way to the optimism of January. This is particularly pronounced when the economy is strong and economists across the land are predicting increases in both prices and home sales.

Granted, there has been some measured language surrounding the positive thinking. Although we’re looking forward to a good year in real estate, it should be sure and steady activity instead of the jolt of winning the lottery.

Rain Barrels
Napkin Sketch Series

In my last article, I discussed rain chains. So now let’s talk about how to store the water for later use. The easiest way is to install rain barrels.

They come in a variety of styles ranging from the inexpensive black or blue PVC 50 gallon barrel to sculpted options that fit against your home. I’ve even seen Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels used for the rustic look.

Multi-generational living changing home building landscape
Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga

Despite those fun home improvement shows touting the benefits of ultra-tiny homes, a growing number of families are actually reconfiguring or increasing the size of their living quarters to accommodate aging loved ones.

The trend away from long-term institutional living for the elderly and toward multi-generational living (or dual-living) brings more options than ever in home building and design.

‘The Witch’ casts a wicked spell
The Critic's Corner movie review

This movie made me afraid of birds, goats, rabbits, little kids, and old ladies. - Reddit user

It had been a few hours since I’d seen “The Witch” during a late night showing. I was tired, and usually would have fallen asleep by that point, but as I lay in my bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about the movie. I wasn’t scared, like the time I saw “The Exorcist” at midnight and then returned to an empty house. Rather, I felt off kilter and slightly disturbed. It was as though the film had planted a beetle inside my skull, and the insect was scraping against bone to get out.

HUD awards nearly $4 million to Chattanooga Housing Authority

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is allocating $3,993,180 to Chattanooga Housing Authority (CHA) to make needed capital improvements to their properties, Secretary Julián Castro announced on Feb. 11.

Tee Up and Wine Down
Monday, April 11

The Greater Chattanooga Association of Realtors is partnering with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Chattanooga to host Tee Up and Wine Down, a golf tournament, wine tasting, and auction event to be held at Black Creek Golf Club on Monday, April 11.

Fire department rolls out Quick Response Vehicles

Many people might be surprised to learn how often firefighters respond to medical emergencies. The Chattanooga Fire Department responded to 17,453 incidents last year, and of those calls, about 48 percent of them were for medical emergencies.

Innovation Grants help businesses create more than 200 jobs

The City of Chattanooga, along with VaynerMedia and Coyote Logistics officials, on Feb. 16 announced the creation of more than 200 new jobs through a new Innovation District Grant to help businesses hire more employees and grow the local innovation economy.

Shiitake Mushrooms
Kay's Cooking Corner

Cooking for my husband can be a real challenge … well, I take that back. He is just what some people call a “meat and potatoes man.” His culinary tastes range from meat and potatoes to – more of the same. Not much sparkle (sigh!). As for me, on the other hand, if it is out there, I want to cook and taste it. I guess I’m the challenge, huh?

Are We There, Yet?

So I was wasting time and came across a story about a girl’s high school basketball game in Ohio where the final score was 108-1. This was on Facebook, where I go for all the important news of the day. 

This June will be my 7-year anniversary on FB. Reminiscing, I went back to that first day in 2009, June 24, just to see what was happening. 

50 Years Ago
What was happening in Chattanooga in 1966?

Saturday, Feb. 26, 1966

George S. Campbell has been appointed to head the 1966 Area Development Committed of the Greater Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, announced Friday by T.A. Lupton, Jr., president.

100 Years Ago
What was happening in Chattanooga in 1916?

Saturday, Feb. 26

The principal of Central High School has been in communication with the High School Board, which recommends military training in the school next year as it is the opinion of the Board that the physical training and discipline gained from the military will make boys good citizens and help those who are now loafing.

Refinish hardwood floors like a pro
Do It Yourself

I can remember being a little girl and running through my grandmother’s home dragging a toy across the hardwood floors, or putting on my tap shoes so I could tap in the hallway. She would always catch me and proceed to shame me with her strong southern voice while calling my whole name. I miss this woman dearly.