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Front Page - Friday, February 12, 2016

100 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1916?

Saturday, Feb. 12, 1916

T.P. Mahoney, City Weights and Measures, has announced that all ice wagons must be equipped with scales. This is a precautionary step so customers won’t complain about short ice weights.

Sunday, Feb. 13

At yesterday’s meeting of some of the citizens, a new institution of banking called the “Morris Plan,” was organized. It will be ready for business March 1. Easton C. Raoul was chosen president, John Stagmaier and Z.C. Patten, Jr., vice-presidents. The manager is to be chosen by the president. The bank will be located in the Montague, 127 W. 8th St.

Miss Maude Whiteside, Elizabeth Lonor and Katherine Henderson will go to Sewanee to attend the Junior German tomorrow.

Mrs. Edward Finlay will go to McMinnville for a visit with relatives.

Monday, Feb. 14

Robert Nixon has gone to Chicago and St. Louis on a business trip.

Tuesday, Feb. 15

Mrs. James C. Gager and little son will go to St. Petersburg, Fla., to join Col. and Mrs. D. M. Steward.

George Rule is in New York where he is engaged as a dancer at the Club Devant.

Mrs. Stephen Doughton entertained in her apartment in Alberta with an informal party in honor of Mrs. Webster Colburn of St. Louis who is the guest of her sister, Mrs. Robert J. Maclellan on Bluff View.

Wednesday, Feb. 16

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Howell, Jr., of Nashville, are guests at the Hotel Patten. Mrs. Howell is the former Miss Mamie Craig.

A concert will be given at Cadek Conservatory with Dana McKinney, vocalist, violin solos and orchestra.

Tuesday, Feb. 17

Mrs. Sam Whitaker entertained with a luncheon in honor of her guest, Miss Nell Rees of Fayetteville, Tenn.

Chattanooga parks are being made ready for the summer season. Commissioner Herron and Park Superintendent Phil Shugart have ordered new plants, shrubs, repaired benches, swings and playground apparatus and cleaned up debris.

Misses Ethel Tyler, Alma Swan, Emily Sunderland and Ethelwyn Parter leave for Nashville to attend the YWCA Conference.

Friday, Feb. 18

Red fezzes take the town today as the Shriners have homecoming ceremonies. The Imperial Potentate, J. Putnam Stevens of Portland, Maine, is here on official visitation. There will be a parade followed by a banquet at the Masonic Temple. Judge M. M. Allison, Potentate of Alhambra Temple, is the host.

Hundreds attended the reception last night in honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of Dr. and Mrs. S. Edwyn Bushnell, given by their son Herbert Bushnell and Mrs. Bushnell and their daughter, Miss Emma Bushnell. Dr. Bushnell is pastor of the Third Presbyterian Church.