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Front Page - Friday, December 4, 2015

100 Years Ago

What was happening in Chattanooga in 1915

Saturday, Dec. 4, 1915

Being forced to close down due to low prices on pig iron several years ago, the blast furnace of the Chattanooga Coal & Iron Co., now that conditions are improving, has again “blown” in, and is now prepared to turn out 200 tons of iron a day. Eight hundred men will be placed on the payroll.

Mrs. J.F. Finlay will entertain with a luncheon at her home in honor of Mrs. Harold Smartt and Mrs. Edward Finlay. The guests will be confined to recent brides.

Sunday, Dec. 5

Bob Hill, popular quarterback of the Baylor 11 this season, has been selected as Blue and Gray army captain next year. This announcement was made at a banquet for the team at Lyndhurst. Mr. J.T. Lupton and Prof. Roy Baylor were speakers for the occasion.

Misses Louise Llewellyn, Margaret White, and Gladys Riggs entertained with supper parties following box parties at the Bijou Saturday night.

The new lines for women’s winter fashions are full short skirts. The youthful looking coats will be shorter because of lack of materials and dye-stuffs. Colors and textures will be less varied.

Monday, Dec. 6

According to figures sent out from Washington, the local post office led not only in the South but the entire nation in percentage gained in postal receipts. The nearest competition was Dayton, Ohio.

American football is 46 years old. The first American game was played by Princeton and Rutgers as inter-collegiate football.

Tuesday, Dec. 7

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Bryan will move this week into their new home in Highland Park.

Educators in the city regret very much the loss of D.H. Bloom, who has been chairman of the High School Board. Mr. Bloom announced he would not be a candidate for re-election.

Word has been received that Mrs. Frances Bachman McGill has undergone a successful operation in the Univ. of Virginia Hospital. Dr. J.W. Bachman, her father, and Judge Nathan Bachman, her brother, are in Charlottesville with her.

Wednesday, Dec. 8

Senator and Mrs. Murphy J. Foster of New Orleans announced the marriage of their daughter, Witha, to Mr. John Bachman Hyde of this city. Mr. Hyde is the grandson of Dr. J.W. Bachman and a young lawyer in the firm of Allison, Lynch and Phillips in Chattanooga.

Thursday, Dec. 9

Miss Louise Hunt is home from Nashville, where she has been the guest of Miss Corrine Craig.

Students under the supervision of Mrs. Lucy Holtzclaw McDonald protested to Commissioner Huffaker against the smoke nuisance in the city. The following students appeared before the commissioner: Misses Margie Newell, May Simmons, Minnie Gray, Claire O’Brien, Maurice Chrisman, and Jerome Hixson.

Misses Margaret and Mamie Bright will leave the 17th for Fair Hope, Ala., to be guests of Miss Mary Johnson for the holidays.

Friday, Dec. 10

Mr. S.E. DeFreise and Miss Christobel DeFreise have returned from a trip to Washington and Philadelphia.

Fred Frawley reported the courthouse lawn will be improved so children can play there with plenty of grass and shade trees. Grass seed is now being sown and 10 Norway maples being planted.