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Front Page - Friday, January 23, 2015

‘Tiny House Nation’ collaborates with Chattanooga furniture designer

Larry Skelf (second from right) explains the features of his space-saving couch to the cast and crew of “Tiny House Nation.” - (Photo provided)

When Larry Skelf, owner of Stuff It Upholstery, received a call from someone claiming to be with the FYI Network show “Tiny House Nation,” he treated it like a prank call from yet another telemarketer. He says he almost missed a rare opportunity.

“I couldn’t believe what they said they wanted me to do,” he says. “They have unlimited access to designers. I was honored to be part of their team.”

Skelf grew up living in a small house, which made it easy for him to come together with a plan for “Tiny House.”

“The producers and designer gave me free reign to put together a multifunction daybed, with specific space constraints,” he says.

Small homes, tiny homes, and micro homes are becoming more and more popular. Micro homes are considered to be under 100 square feet. They’re used widely in countries such as China and Japan.

Tiny houses, micro apartments, campers, dorms, and multiple families in single family dwellings are gaining popularity for economic and also Earth friendly reasons. They are expected to become a mainstay in the U.S. in the years to come.

Skelf put together a concept for the show that really whet the whistles of the cast, crew, and producers of the show. “I decided the inside of the framework, usually considered to be a taboo area for functionality, could be better used for storage for clothes, ties, fabric and another bed.

“I even thought it might be a good idea to install a pop-up TV in one of the arms of the sofa, and a sound bar in the inside back. This would probably be a welcome add on, or add in, for game time.”

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