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Front Page - Friday, October 31, 2014

Highliner Edward Yates crosses Tennessee Aquarium’s iconic peaks

Highliner Edward Yates uses a nylon webbing system to cross the glass peaks above the Tennessee Aquarium last Friday. - (Photo provided)

Highliner Edward Yates last weekend used a nylon webbing system to cross the glass peaks above Chattanooga’s Tennessee Aquarium. “There has never been an urban highline event like this before,” said Yates. “I’ve always loved the Tennessee Aquarium, and this has been a dream of mine.”

Yates proposed the spectacle as a feature of the 2014 RiverRocks Adventure Sports Games. Similar to tightrope walking, but accessible to anyone, slacklining and highlining are trending outdoor sports. “Like paddle boarding, climbing, kayaking, and skateboarding, slacklining and highlining are sports that are open to anyone at any age,” said Yates. “This is also a sport that can help anyone improve their focus, balance and core fitness.”

The RiverRocks Adventure Sports games features competitive athletic events like bouldering, trail running, cycling, kayaking, swimming, and rock climbing. This year, slacklining and highlining were demonstration events, but Yates hopes the Scenic City will one day have a slacklining park to add to its menu of outdoor activities. “This is an exciting sport that will challenge you in many ways,” said Yates.

Source: Tennessee Aquarium