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Front Page - Friday, September 9, 2022

Benefits of integrating plants into your home design

Having house plants can make any space look more welcoming; however, there are many other reasons to consider the use of house plants in home decor.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, there are many plants available in the Chattanooga area that are easy to raise with minimal effort. Below are some of the benefits of bringing nature indoors.

Air purification

Good indoor air quality is an essential element for homeowners’ comfort and health. Air quality might be more critical than you realize as it affects both mental and physical health. A recent study by the World Economic Forum found that plants can cut indoor air pollution by 20%.

The study included three easy-to-maintain house plants: the peace lily, the corn plant and fern arum, which reduced the NO2 in the air by 50% within one hour. This happened whether the room was dark or lit and the soil was wet or dry.

It’s important to choose a house plant and placement that will thrive in your dwelling. Other plants found to be effective at freshening the air naturally include Arecas, Dwarf Dates, bamboo palms, Boston ferns, rubber trees, spider plants and Ficus trees.

Enhanced immunity

A study conducted by the Agriculture University of Norway indicated that adding healthy indoor plants can reduce the chance of developing a cold and increase immunity. This is a benefit enticing to many people since the onset of the COVID pandemic.

Improved comfort levels

Plants placed indoors increased humidity to meet the recommended level of 30-60% range, while plants’ absence decreased humidity levels below the recommended range for human comfort in an indoor space, according to a Washington State University study.

Increased productivity

Indoor plants can help reduce distractions, increase creativity and improve task performance, according to Phys.org.

Having plants in your workspace can decrease the feeling of fatigue and increase productivity.

One frequently cited 1996 study found that students worked 12% faster and were less stressed when plants were placed nearby their computer stations.

Remember, although indoor plants can benefit homeowners’ lives, there are many plants that are toxic to pets. To ensure your furry family members’ safety, visit the ASPCA website for a list of plants to avoid or ask your veterinarian.

For a list of designers, landscape artists and other home improvement specialists in the Chattanooga area that can help you incorporate plants into your home design, visit www.hbagc.net.