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Front Page - Friday, July 15, 2022

The Chattery announces speakers for Human Development series


Earlier this year, The Chattery launched the Human Development program, a collection of workshops focused on historical inequities.

The series began in May with an introduction to racial justice. Moving forward, Human Development program present local and national instructors and speakers.

Scheduled speakers include Jasmine Marie, Jessamyn Stanley and Ericka Hart.

Marie is a speaker, breathwork practitioner and founder of Black Girls Breathing. She will be leading a talk about the importance of mental health Thursday, Aug. 25.

Stanley is a health and wellness advocate and a co-founder of The Underbelly. She will lead a talk and yoga session Thursday, Sept. 1.

Hart is a race and gender justice educator. She will lead a lecture Thursday, Oct. 13.

“To have true and genuine acceptance of another human, you must learn about the whole person,” says Shawanda Mason, co-founder of The Chattery. “Human Development is not only offering lessons in diversity, equity and inclusion but also providing spaces to learn about the historical inequities that are the root cause of injustice.”

The Chattery asks Human Development participants to make a donation; however, the nonprofit encourages people who are unable to make a donation for a specific event to contact its staff.

Supporters of the Human Development program include The Footprint Foundation, The Benwood Foundation, The Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga, Humanities Tennessee and Didn’t I Just Feed You.


Source: The Chattery