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Front Page - Friday, December 17, 2021

Decorating for holidays without damaging your home

Nothing says Christmas quite like a home decked out with twinkling lights, trees, wreaths and garland. However, all those beautiful decorations can cause us to turn into Grinches when they leave behind damages or messes around the house.

Here are a few tips to help you display your holiday trimmings without any unsightly messes or costly repairs.

The best way to protect your home when displaying decorations is by starting with safe, damage-free methods. Avoid nails and instead use removable, self-adhesive hooks or hanging strips indoors.

Be sure to choose hangers that are rated for the correct weight of your display items and follow directions closely when applying adhesive strips.

If you put up outdoor displays, use lights and electrical cords marked for outdoor use. It’s also important to not hang any lights directly to shingles, which could lead to roof and water damage. Instead, fasten light strings to gutters or eaves using clips designed for the purpose.

And to ensure you don’t have any trips to the emergency room, enlist a helper to hold the ladder – or better yet, hire professionals!

For your windows, as with the roof, you’ll want to avoid using nails or screws directly around windows as this can damage the seal and allow moisture through the frame.

You also want to avoid any tape or adhesives that will leave behind sticky residue. Instead, opt for suction cup hooks that are easy to hang and can be used again and again.

Another great option is securing self-adhesive hooks or siding clips above the window frame and hanging wreathes or decorations with festive ribbon or clear fishing line.

When it comes to putting up the Christmas tree, be sure to protect your flooring by placing a non-skid mat under your tree stand and look for a waterproof mat for real trees.

If you love glittery ornaments but not the mess they leave behind, spray your sparkly decorations with a clear acrylic sealer before decorating.

As you deck the halls, keep fire safety in mind to minimize the risk of a house fire. Don’t overload your circuits and ensure all wires are in good condition.

Invest in smart plugs and light timers so your lights are turned off when you’re not at home or sleeping, never leave candles unattended or opt for flameless candles and keep your tree and any flammable decorations away from the fireplace, space heaters or warm lights.

For live trees, keep an eye on the water level as dry branches increase fire risk.

To find more useful advice for your home, along with a full list of our local professionals, visit the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga’s website at www.HBAGC.net.