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Front Page - Friday, April 2, 2021

Ten quick ways to update appearance of bathrooms

Looking for simple, inexpensive ways to refresh your bathroom that can be knocked out in a weekend? Here’s a list of ideas that will add style and function, some of which can be completed in mere minutes!

1. Replace linens: Clean out the ratty, faded towels and linens and replace them with vibrant new colors or give your bathroom a resort-like Zen effect with the clean look of crisp new white linens.

2. Walk the runway: Add a new rug or even recycle a runner for a pop of color and to keep your feet warm on chilly mornings.

3. Switch out knobs and pulls: Something as simple as replacing your dull, existing hardware with new, shiny accessories can change the whole aesthetic of your bathroom.

4. Let the light shine in: Replace dated ceiling fans and light fixtures with new, bold lighting such as a jazzy chandelier. If switching out light fixtures is more than you feel comfortable doing, visit the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga’s membership directory to find a qualified electrician in our area.

5. Pop out the paint: Changing your wall colors can turn a dreary bathroom into a spa-like oasis. Colors such as soft blues are dreamy when paired against white fixtures.

6. Bring nature inside: Many houseplants such as azaleas, ferns and aloes thrive in the artificial light and humidity found in bathrooms. Nestle plants in a window sill or around the tub for a gorgeous array of green.

7. For vanity’s sake: Change the entire bathroom’s vibe by simply updating the cabinet with a coat of paint. Choose a bold, bright color to pop in the room or a similar shade as the walls to match the tone. Find what speaks to you.

8. Contain yourself: Replace and unify your bathroom storage with matching wicker or wire baskets to corral towels and linens and acrylic or glass containers to display instead of hiding your cotton balls and cotton swabs.

9. Tile it up: Add some excitement to a wall with a tiled backsplash. Subway tiles are low-cost and can be installed in a traditional or herringbone pattern. Tiles can also be used to inexpensively freshen up bathroom floors.

10. Get board: Beadboard panels install quickly to add architectural interest and a farmhouse feel to your bathroom.

To find reputable home renovation professionals in the Chattanooga area, visit the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga’s membership directory at www.HBAGC.net.