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Front Page - Friday, October 11, 2019

Six tasks every smart homeowner does in October

The temperature has finally started to drop, and the smell of wood smoke is in the air. When temps dip is a good time to do these six things to avoid future homeowner headaches.

Buy appliances

Manufacturers bring out their latest models during the fall, and store owners offer big sales on appliances they want to move out – like last year’s most popular dishwasher. So September, October and November are great months to buy.

But October is right in the middle – when there’s still plenty of selection and retailers might be more willing to haggle. Refrigerators are the exception because new models don’t usually come out until spring.

Switch the direction of ceiling fans

Most have a switch to allow the ceiling fan blades to rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise. One way pushes air down to create a nice breeze and the other sucks air up, helping to distribute the heat. Think counterclockwise when it’s warm and clockwise when it’s cool.

Clean the windows

Daylight is about to dwindle so why not get as much of it as you can? Clean off all the bugs, dust and grime from your windows while the weather is still warm enough to do so.

If window cleaning isn’t a DIY job at your home, schedule a professional window cleaner (who, unlike most of us, is able to do it even when temperatures plummet) before the end of the month. The closer it gets to the holidays, the busier they become. Bright sunshine on winter’s darkest days makes it totally worthwhile.

Set heating unit checkup

To ensure your family will be able to feel their toes all winter, schedule your heating unit to be serviced. As temperatures drop, service companies get busier.

Whether you hire your heating company’s technician or a contractor to do it, they’ll clean soot and corrosion from the combustion chamber, replace filters and check the whole system for leaks, clogs and damage.

Nothing pairs with pending cold weather better than the assurance that you’ll be weathering the winter with warm air piping through the vents and cocoa in hand.

Inspect the chimney

It’s time to dust off and sweep the chimney. Best to hire someone who knows wood-burning fireplaces.

A professional chimney sweep will ensure your wood-burning fireplace burns more efficiently and will help prevent chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning during the winter.

Also, if you don’t already have a chimney cap, this is also the time to add one to stop wild outdoor critters from crawling down it and into your house.

Insulate exposed pipes

If you’ve ever dealt with a burst pipe, you know it’s a sad, wet disaster worth preventing. To avoid the stressful (and expensive) ordeal, prep your home’s exposed pipes with foam or heat tape – choosing which one will work best with your climate.

This will help keep those pipes toasty in the cold weather. Remember: The most at-risk pipes are often those in unheated areas such as an attics, crawl spaces and garages so secure those first.

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