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Front Page - Friday, September 27, 2019

Security is most-wanted home technology tool

Technology has been integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives and can help you stay connected, be more efficient and increase productivity. That’s why digital elements are growing in popularity among homeowners around the country and even in the tri-state area.

A National Association of Home Builders nationwide survey asked recent and prospective homebuyers what specific technology features buyers would like to have in their homes. Here are their answers:

Home security

Safety-related technology was the top choice for homebuyers. Of the home technology features asked about, nearly half of homebuyers (46%) would like security cameras, followed by a video doorbell (45%) and a wireless home security system (40%).

Wireless doorbells are gaining in popularity because they’re easy to use and install. Some digital doorbells have numerous types of ringing options, Wi-Fi capabilities and a nightlight feature to easily spot your front door in the dark.

And as technology capabilities have improved, wireless home security systems have simple installation guides with self-monitoring capabilities or low monthly security subscription plans.

Temperature and lighting

Technology features that increase home comfort while possibly lowering utility bills also topped the list of most-wanted features.

Nearly half (44%) of homebuyers would like to have a programmable thermostat, and more than a third (39%) say they want a lighting control system and a multizone HVAC system (36%).

The survey found generational differences when it came to temperature control. Half of seniors (buyers born in 1945 or earlier) would like to have a multizone HVAC system, compared to less than a third (28%) of millennials (born in 1980 or later).

Automated heating and cooling systems help maintain an energy-efficient temperature when homeowners are away and then can switch to a more comfortable temperature when they arrive home. Automated dimmers, timers and smart bulbs can lower electricity bills and increase the life expectancy of light bulbs.

Voice command devices

The survey asked homebuyers about the level of importance of voice command capabilities in home technology. Voice commands received an average importance rating of 3.0 – a neutral middle point.

The results show that desire for voice control over technologies decreases with age. A third (30%) of homebuyers under the age of 45 think voice commands are very important compared to only 19% among those 45 to 54, 12% among those 55 to 64 and only 8% among those 65 or older.

For help planning and installing the latest technology trends to enhance your home, visit the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga at www.HBAGC.net.